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Topic: Some things to consider before doing business with the Red Dragon?

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    Lightbulb Some things to consider before doing business with the Red Dragon?

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    Hi all,
    If you want some serious awakening to the state of China and the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), I recommend you to plunge through these articles, written by Chinese authors. They are currently shaking mainland China and reaching more and more mainland readers:


    China, still ruled by the CCP, is becoming more and more powerful in the global economy, and more and more companies are turning to that market - either for export opportunities to a huge market or for the cheapest production possibilities. The Olympics are coming up. At the same time, huge human rights crimes are committed, only that they are kept away from open view (unlike the Cultural Revolution).

    Of course, this also involves the global media and music market, and in the end I guess everyone has to come to their own understanding on where to stand in relation to this issue.

    Personally, I love the profound traditional Chinese culture, have visited the country twice, and am married to a Chinese, but the current regime has simply destroyed much of the country´s culture. And God knows how many musicians who right now are being persecuted either for their political or religious beliefs.

    Maybe something to think about next time you get a gig in connection to China. Persecution need money to go on...

    Thought I should share this issue with you.


    ps. Next time you drink your tea, you might also want to think about that Laogai Research Foundation estimates that 1/3 of all tea produced in China are produced in laogais - forced labour camps (where dissidents and conscience prisoners are placed, and then often tortured).ds.

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    Re: Some things to consider before doing business with the Red Dragon?

    Thank you for bringing this to the forefront. You are absolutely right, and this is a very important matter on many levels.

    The fact that you are married to someone who is Chinese struck me with a realization/theory: It seems as though nobody but the Chinese themselves, or people who have close connections to them are really expressing any concern on this issue. I remember seeing Chinese demonstrators in Athens during the last Olympics, trying to raise global awareness of these problems. But it seems like the world at large is turning a blind eye. There are next to no public outcries coming from any quarter of the world except from Chinese expats (with the exception of a brief period after Tiananmen Square). That should make the rest of us bow in shame.

    All the while we feed the beast and heap praise and prizes onto it. You're absolutely right: this oppression and persecution requires money to continue. China is a great nation with a rich culture and extremely capable people. If the blessings of freedom would benefit anyone, it would be the Chinese people. The regime can be weakened. Just as the Communist Party's regime in Soviet Russia had to collapse under its own weight when no longer propped up economically, the CCP will do the same. And if anyone can rise triumphant from the rubble of such a collapse, it is the Chinese. For for that day of freedom to come, we must stop giving the CCP a free pass just because they can sell us cheap products.

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    Re: Some things to consider before doing business with the Red Dragon?

    Something I should add:
    For those in France and Germany, please encourage your governments not to lift the embargo on military equipment and technology trade with China. Selling military goods to Red China is not only homicide, it is suicide.

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