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Topic: Impulse/Convolution Reverb...(more)

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    Impulse/Convolution Reverb...(more)

    I was looking at some impulse convolution reverb programs and I started thinking: "How many folks 'round GPO use impulse convolution reverbs?"

    Since this is the first thread in a while that I've actually started, y'all need to come on down here and respond!!! :P

    So what convolution reverbs do you guys use (SIR is good) and where do you think I can get some good impulses at?

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    Re: Impulse/Convolution Reverb...(more)

    My favorite is Pristine Space http://www.voxengo.com/pspace/. I place it (in zero latency mode) on a separate computer and run it across a Gigabit network with FXTeleport. Avoids straining the main computer and works with very low latency. Many impulses are available at http://www.noisevault.com/index.php?...180bd3d70f60a9


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    Re: Impulse/Convolution Reverb...(more)

    I've used both and I really like some impulses. I just bought the Samplicity set (who's made by a NS member) so I can't wait to try it out. I've heard very good things about Pristine Space as well as Waves IR plugin. There are some other more economical solutions out there such as SIR (free) and Convo Boy (13 bucks.)

    I'm also using normal algorythmic reverb engines. I highly recommend RoomVerb M2 from SpinAudio. There are some 200 presets and this particular plug has so many knobs and customization options, you head will spin. The concert hall presets for this one are clean and inspiring.

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    Re: Impulse/Convolution Reverb...(more)

    Altiverb is awesome. Keep in mind that it's not so much the app doing the math, but the quality of the sampled rooms/spaces that you'll be using. They have tons of samples of pro (famous) studios and gear.

    But, alas, you'll have to ditch that PeeCee and come over to the light side (mac). :-)


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    Re: Impulse/Convolution Reverb...(more)

    I've heard things about Altiverb. I have a macintosh but I never use it because it's so freakin' old. It was made in like '97 I believe, heh, so Altiverb wouldn't work on it. Heh. I've never heard of Pristine Space before, I think I might give that one a try. Plus I saw some great impulses on NoiseVault.

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    Re: Impulse/Convolution Reverb...(more)

    For Mac, Altiverb is the poop Ok well I mean it's hard to beat


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    Re: Impulse/Convolution Reverb...(more)

    For those of you interested in impulse and convolution reverbs, here's a mini review of the Samplicity Impulse collection.



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    Re: Impulse/Convolution Reverb...(more)

    Quote Originally Posted by Craig Reeves
    I was looking at some impulse convolution reverb programs and I started thinking: "How many folks 'round GPO use impulse convolution reverbs?"
    I love SIR. I've practically stopped using conventional reverbs because of it.

    But man, is it a CPU hog.
    -- Jeff Lee
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    Re: Impulse/Convolution Reverb...(more)

    My favorite for right now is Waves IR1. SIR is excellent as well, and I'm looking forward to the release of Gigapulse as a VST!
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    Lightbulb Re: Impulse/Convolution Reverb...(more)

    I think the notion of a separate convolution processor is somewhat blurred by the announcement that Kontakt 2 (full) now includes "a large and varied selection of impulse responses for use with the convolution module" (basic details here: http://www.nativeinstruments.de/index.php?products_us with a fuller description here: http://www.nativeinstruments.de/inde...kontakt2lib_us ).

    So far, I've been experimenting with various impulses gathered from here and there in the free SIR processor, but I'm certainly curious about what Native Instruments may be including in their full Kontakt 2 (and that possible upgrade path).

    My $0.02. KevinKauai

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