members do we have presently on this forum? Are we at the level where we would need a continent to hold our first GPO convention? Then again, what ever happened to reruns of Benny Hill and where does it say in the contract that ... oh never mind.
Gary, I've been using GPO for over a year now but there is one problem I haven't been able to overcome. I know it says to be use in kontakt but you see I really wanted to use it in my boom box but the disks will not play. So, I want my money back so I can buy a new washing machine.

Edit - Never mind - I managed to play the first CD in my sewing machine dual CD-RW port and it's working fine. It's a Singer Sample Sewing System. It also makes soups and sandwiches, slices and dices, and will play your favorite home movies on the built in super 8 millimeter slide slot. But the one thing it will not do is support Halion, sorry.