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Topic: Your favorite "play around" sound

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    Your favorite "play around" sound

    What's the sound you use when you are jamming on your keyboards or just playing around ?

    I just plug in the Emperor piano with loads of reverb or a good strings set , also with lots of reverb .
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    Re: Your favorite "play around" sound

    Solo Cello is one I come back to a lot.
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    Re: Your favorite "play around" sound

    Scarbee Rhodes, or Vintaudio's C7 (players perspective).

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    Re: Your favorite "play around" sound

    I like piano layered with mod-wheel controlled sustained strings. It's percussive enough to work with fast, staccato playing, and it can do expression as well.

    Since getting GS3 and its fast load times, I've moved away from templates and have been building each piece an instrument at a time. When using unique instrumentation, it's cool to link all of the channels (I do it in Sonar), and do a tutti improvisation. It gives you the feel of all of the sounds together, as well as how they mix. If you have some interesting sounds like some zoomy synths and the Giga Angklung loaded, the whole composite can sound really compelling.

    Now that I think about it, I should build a really wild instrument set, and play a tutti jam until I find the theme/sound for the climax of the piece. Then I can deconstruct it and figure out how I want to build from baseline to the climax. It would be a neat way to write music with a specific destination in mind.


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    Re: Your favorite "play around" sound

    Honestly, there are two which I use about equally when I'm just playing around with ideas: PMI Old Lady and ArtVista Malmsjo.

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    Re: Your favorite "play around" sound

    I am new to this, but in my limited experience: English horn or flute with a nice reverb. And the Malmsjo, of course.


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    Re: Your favorite "play around" sound

    Right now, anything in RA. I'm telling you, this stuff rocks!

    James W.G. Smith

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    Re: Your favorite "play around" sound

    Since I got the RD300SX I'm usually jamming on its Piano1 patch...but it also has some really nice multis as well. With soft synths, I often load up the 50 strings section on EWQLSO Gold. I like that patch quite a lot.

    I also made my own multi-section string sound from the VSL bundled sounds from GS3 Orchestra. I ported them over to Kontakt 1.53 though since it seems to respond better...why I don't know.

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    Cool Re: Your favorite "play around" sound

    The famous Oberheim pad sound made even more famous by Roland. (love that chorus)

    Or the West Coast piano type patch on my XP-80.

    The Big Hits patch in stormdrum (yowsa!)

    and lately a breathy vocal patch in Atmosphere...


    Oh ya, my piece of cr@p fender squire with a boat load of distorion and echo

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    Re: Your favorite "play around" sound

    Native Instruments Guitar Rig. So much fun! (running piano, strings and other things through it yeilds many an intersting result). I've even used it for guitar
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