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Topic: ~Harddrive woes~

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    Exclamation ~Harddrive woes~

    I recently tried transferring all my .gig files through a network from my giga slave to my new DAW. I eventually loaded about 160 gigs of instruments. I decided to jam on a game, and when I was through I looked at the drive in 'my computer'. It was inaccessible. So I took it to the local store where it was put together, and they just did a quick format. I took it back home, reloaded the 160 gigs, and tried defragmenting it. It wouldn't let me, so I restarted my computer. It looked like it ran the checkdisk program, but it went a lot more nuts then usual. After windows finally loaded up, I looked in 'my computer', and 80% of the newly loaded giga files were erased.

    What the hell is going on here? I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. What should I do? Keep in mind this a brand new spankin' DAW.


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    Lightbulb Re: ~Harddrive woes~


    Try this:
    1) Do a full reformat of the drive with a single partition. (Not a Quick Format).
    2) Do a checkdisk, a full check, just to make sure you have a good surface.
    3) Load on your gigs: over the network is fine.
    4) Do NOT defrag the disk! Ever! If you ever think you need it, go back to 1) and start again.

    If the checkdisk step shows a lot of errors, well, you know what to do...

    I would leave games off as well, but that is up to you. Just make sure you have plenty of room and you have all the gigs on first.
    Doyle W. Donehoo, Composer
    Radar Music

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    Re: ~Harddrive woes~

    Thanks Doyle. I have three harddrives. An 80 gig for programs, another 80 for vsti's, and a 200 for the gigastudio files.

    I'll give it a shot and let you know.

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    Re: ~Harddrive woes~

    It won't even let me format the drive. I get this message - this still shows up despite having no other programs open:

    "Windows cannot format this drive. Quit any disk utilities or other programs that are using this drive. Then try reformatting again."

    Another bit of info: Even though the harddrive is a 200 gig, the guys at the store accidently formatted the drive before installing service pack 4. When I brought it back, they ran the program 'partition magic' and got it up to 186 gigs (instead of the short 127 gigs).

    This was before all these other problems came about. Help... me... *head twists 360 degress*

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    Question Re: ~Harddrive woes~

    Hmmmm. If I were doing this, I would unplug all drives except the 200 gb drive, boot from a floppy, and from a DOS prompt partition and format the drive. Back in Windows I think Windows would then give you the option to change the file structure (in XP anyway, not 98). I assume you have the drive jumpers correct. I will have to review this: its been a while. KI might have a better answer.
    Doyle W. Donehoo, Composer
    Radar Music

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    Re: ~Harddrive woes~

    i remember a case where i bought a new harddrive and the puter said that there was only 80 or 40 Gb free on that, although i had it really fresh installed. ... the really stupid thing is i really can't remember what the error was, but maybe somebody will remember that issue when i am talking around the hot soup

    ... damn i hope i will get back to this, it really hangs somewhere in my brain but it won't come out.

    another thing is i really did at the first time i started to work professionally or when it was more than a hobby: NEVER play games nor have internet on your working pc. i now have a router installed which has internal firewall, so it is not a problem, but games .... whew ... not good.

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    Re: ~Harddrive woes~

    Tried checking the S.M.A.R.T status of your drive? http://support.wdc.com/download/index.asp?cxml=n&swid=3
    That will work with any drive i think. You'll need to enable it in your mobo bios if it aint already.

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    Re: ~Harddrive woes~

    Aaron, I hate to be the one to break this to you... but you need to exchange that hard drive. It sounds like you new DAW has a faulty hard drive. Lumpyhead is right, you need to check the smart status. I recently had to return a spankin' new drive for the same problems. It could be a mechanical failure. What brand of HD is it?
    I think a favorite gag in medival times was to sneak up behind a Knight and stick a "kick me" sign on his armor with a magnet.

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    Wink Re: ~Harddrive woes~

    Check out Spinrite. It may help you out. It should be in every computer geek toolbox. It is the best $89 you could spend when in this situation (and before).


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    Re: ~Harddrive woes~

    I'd not keep a drive with those problems if it still has warranty.

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