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Topic: OK I now HAVE a midi and pedal!

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    OK I now HAVE a midi and pedal!

    Yep, got an Oxygen 8 and a pedal which plugs into it. SO far in Cubase sx I can load up instruments and play from the keyboard. But what I want to do is this:

    When i load up a midi with the instruments attached (strings) i want to be able to step on the pedal and get legato. so far when i step on the pedal it gets a little louder(?)

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    Re: OK I now HAVE a midi and pedal!

    Congratulations on your new controller and pedal!! I think that you need to go into the "options" screen in GPO and change the pedal to (can't remember the exact wording...) no sustain/midi cc or midi control? That should help you get the legato to work.

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    Re: OK I now HAVE a midi and pedal!

    hmmm, some settings don't work at all--some get me sustained note after sustained note causing these clusters....what am I missing? I am so confused about this cc business.


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    Re: OK I now HAVE a midi and pedal!

    I'll try to help again, but may need to wait until I get home so that I can actually see what I'm talking about. You'll need to open an instance in GPO - not Cubase to make the changes. The screen that you'll be looking at is the one with the where you pick which instruments that you want - it has a piano roll at the bottom, and the knobs to change panning, volume etc. Below the window that shows which instrument you picked, there's a little button that says "options". Click on that and it will bring up a screen (I think that it's blue?) and there's a pull down that deals with the pedal toward the right-hand side, toward the top of all of the choices. Choose the one that says "no sustain, use as midi control". Hopefully, this makes sense to you - I'll check back later once I'm at home so that maybe I can describe it a little better than I just did by memory.

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    Re: OK I now HAVE a midi and pedal!

    Ok, I'm home now so I looked again, and the option is no sustain/sustendo operation/midi controller. Good luck!

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    Re: OK I now HAVE a midi and pedal!

    thats what i have it set on, and i am not hearing any difference. Am i neglecting something? Am I not doing something?

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    Re: OK I now HAVE a midi and pedal!

    Please forgive me for asking, but it the pedal plugged into the correct jack? Have you read the controller's instructions about any global settings that you may need to adjust? I'm running out of ideas...

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    Re: OK I now HAVE a midi and pedal!

    Maybe its something i am not doing in Cubase. If i load a sample from GOS, for instance, and step on the pedal, its all held notes creating a cluster. When I do violins lush in GPO and step on the pedal, it still sounds un-legato.

    Obviously i am looking for something inbetween. I am not transmitting correctly the info to Cubase?

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    Re: OK I now HAVE a midi and pedal!

    I just looked on the bottom of my pedal and noticed a switch. I don't know what it does. Does your pedal have a switch on it? Does it change when you move it over? I'm really sorry - I feel useless - I have no more ideas. I use Sonar 4P and am not familiar with Cubase. I hope that there's someone else here on the forum that can help you. If all else fails, I guess that you can try to ask Mr. Garritan himself. I'm Sorry Good Luck!

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    Re: OK I now HAVE a midi and pedal!


    I am not sure that it is clear what is happening, and what you are trying to achieve (perhaps it's my Saturday morning hangover ).

    With your current setup with GPO, when you press and release a note on your midi keyboard with the pedal pressed, does that note sustain until you release the foot pedal, or does it stop as soon as you release the note on your midi keyboard?
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