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Topic: What's Happening down here in OT?

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    What's Happening down here in OT?

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    I've only been a memeber for a few months and just recently got into off topic.

    I like discussing different viewpoints with people, but I don't understand why it goes off the rails so often into name calling and other things.

    Are people so insecure in what they believe that they can't take the fact that somebody else thinks differently?

    I personally have gotten a lot from talking to you all and it's helped me to consider different viewpoints. But, I see no point in digressing into complete hate speak and anger over somebody else's thoughts on a matter.

    Let's keep it clean and have fun for crying out loud. I personally love reading the articles that are referenced here. I want to expand my viewpoint even if it's different than mine.



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    Re: What's Happening down here in OT?

    > I don't understand why it goes off the rails so often into name calling and other things.

    That's not off the rails. OT shouldn't be confused with PC.

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    Re: What's Happening down here in OT?

    I don't personally think anyone should get banned for any reason. And I think anyone should be able to say whatever they want, baiting insults, doing whatever. If you can't take it, don't get involved.

    But then I don't own this forum.

    As for myself, despite what some might accuse me of, I try to keep an even temper when responding and have resisted hurling insults many, many times. But sometimes some of the self-righteousness on these forums gets the better of me and I succumb to the b.s.

    What gets to me most is when I make an accurate observation and suddenly THAT becomes the object of debate rather than the matter under consideration. I'm suddenly accused of being some kind of heartless attacker -- and, frankly, that's baloney.

    It's a tactic that I see being used not just by people on this forum, but by people on the scream fests on cable TV news and by politicians in Congress, most of them on the right side of the aisle. If you don't have a rebuttal, you angrily chastise your opponent for attacking you and, of course, every point made up until then gets obscured.

    And from what I can tell, it works every time.

    It's like the Schiavo case. A husband is merely trying to do what he feels is right by his wife and suddenly he's demonized, called heartless and cruel and greedy and everything else under the sun. It's all a distraction from the truth: the lady is braindead.

    Despite all this, I think we all have a right to make a**es out of ourselves, and some certainly succeed in doing a great job of it.
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    Re: What's Happening down here in OT?

    Why does the discussion go off the rails? Because those rails are so limiting, that's why. Without strong and none-too-logical passions, a debate on Tastes Great vs. Less Filling would be about beer, individual taste, and calories. If there's a derailment, the discussion looks like a multidimensional spiral rather than a line, and may encompass regulated markets, mitochondria, and Khazak perceptions of the Easter Bunny before people get tired. Of course, the train doesn't usually travel so far, but when it does, it's worth the price of admission.

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    Re: What's Happening down here in OT?

    I'm completely outraged and furious at the narrow majority "thinking" in this country, Jose, and in my case that's what you're seeing.

    Whether I get mad depends on the issue and how much it affects me. If we're talking about how to deal with drug addiction, a problem with no easy answers, I'm very calm. But there are some issues that just don't deserve to be treated as simple differences of opinion, and all the fire is completely appropriate.

    We have a radical far-right administration in this country, backed up enthusiastically by a mass throng of jingoistic voting idiots. Why would one expect any of the thinking people who recognize that be sanguine? So when the Brian Rawlston et als post the typical kill-kill-kill sloganing we're being fed, yes, it pushes the buttons and I get really mad. Much to XanaX's chagrin, my anger comes across when I post about that kind of thing - even though it's very unlikley that I'd dislike Brian or even Brady personally if we met.

    But again, it depends on the issue and how close it is to me. I can argue about gay marriage rights without getting mad. Or evolution. People who disagree with me on both those accounts are 100% wrong - fact, not arrogance - but they induce eye rolling rather than fury in me.

    You also have to understand the history. We've been arguing with Brady for a long time. He's very good at using words in an emotionally detached way to argue positions I find absolutely awful. Ernstinen calls this mental masturbation, and he has a point.

    Brady's posts are also like slow inside pitches. You want to just let them go by, but you can't resist taking a hard swipe at them.

    Oh, and to answer your original question: Brady recently returned.

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