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Topic: Won't initialize

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    Question Won't initialize

    Any techs out there I recently bought gigastudio 32 to check it out before decideing if I want the bigger model. I had to buy a M-Audio Delta 2496 as my Soundblaster wouldn't work with it. I then installed the software but then got an error message which stated "Gigastudio is experiencing initialization problems - error 218" when I tried to run the program.

    Anyone know what the problem might be?

    any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!


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    Re: Won't initialize

    I think that's what happens when you try to install the older, Win98 version on WinXP. Check the system requirements against your machine.


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    Unhappy Re: Won't initialize

    Hey Jon...thanx for responding! I checked the box and it mentions XP on it. It's a brand new package. Not only will it not run, but now it's creating a new problem with all my other music related software....Windows Media Player, Chetah file converter, Cakewalk...etc. Each will run ok, but then out of the blue I'll get an error message 'Oxcoooooo5' and then none of them will work. I'm going to try uninstalling Gigastudio for now I guess, at least until I can figure out what's up

    Again, thanx for taking the time to help me with this! I'm really in a bind as I'm working on 3 projects right now and am pretty much holding all of them up!


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    Re: Won't initialize

    Quote Originally Posted by Roddi
    but then out of the blue I'll get an error message 'Oxcoooooo5' and then none of them will work.
    I neglected to mention that once I reboot, those other applications work again, until the error suddenly reappears

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