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Topic: Re: Very nice sample collections

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    Re: Very nice sample collections

    Hi folks,

    i recently went on the hunt for sample collections (reasonably priced ones !) for gigastudio and did a search on ebay and found some Very nice collections, I was quite surprised how good they were in relation to price.I bought one or 2 off ebay before in wav format that i thought were rubbish , typical stuff but these ones below blew me away.the processed drums and blip and bleep stuff is amazing , the drum cd had like Every drum sound i had ever heard or wanted and all already processed and effected , tweaked etc . . . . i also recoemmend the ethnic stuff they do. . .i did have one or 2 akai roms by some leading companies of ethnic sounds but this stuff is like way beyond that as its so compacted and condensed .

    Is it like the best kept secret that for unique quality affordable sounds on the web you go on ebay ?

    If your wondering what i;m going on about go here and checkout these peoples stuff . . . its in a league of its own.I thought they would be cheap and nasty . . . quite the opposite.



    Dont tell to many people !


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    Re: Very nice sample collections

    Hmmm... very interesting!! Thanks for the link!

    how's the recording ?? is it high quality? what about residual noise issues?

    most definitively well priced!



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    Re: Very nice sample collections

    Hrm, didn't know we were having Spam for Easter...
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    Re: Very nice sample collections

    Hi yves,

    the quality is very good , the sounds i was sceptical about and i own virtually all the classic sample libararies including best service and spectrasonics stuff and also some nice obscure stuff from way back and i actually bought these as they were so cheap just to see what they were like but was really surprised.Noiseless and high quality (though 16 bit) but above all very full of character , a soundsa sound after all but the digital stuff was very nice , the electronica sounds are totally unique , this isnt stock stuff but someones own libararies if you know what i mean and it shows , i would personally be selling some of these sounds as there to good ! The drums and persussion in particular if i had heard before i would have paid $50 for alone .I enquired and it seems the guy who does them worked for the bbc and a whole host of other companies .Sadly they dont sell loops and i love loops but this stuff is well worth checking out.The choirs are nice also but a little misleading as its actually more synthetic stuff and a few old cheesy choir sounds and samples from records (you can hear the noise on these) (thats possibly the only one i though was a bit below standard) , nice ambient sounds though.


    P.s another great recommendation which i just bought - spiritual voices by best service.Stunning.

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