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Topic: OT.. Literally.. I wanna apologise if...

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    OT.. Literally.. I wanna apologise if...

    I had anything to do with the off-topic being shut down... Papa Chalk, I've been around here a long time and have nothing but EXTREME respect for EACH and every individual here... This is the best community by far, and I appreciate every one here... I did not take offense to the things said following my statement there.... Everyone has their opinion, and I didn't read through every off-topic discussion , but have not seen in my topic where there was any sort of hate crime... MAybe it was a different topic I didn't see, I hope so... Anyways, I would never, ever do or say anything to upset this community.... Respectfully, Steelhed...

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    Re: OT.. Literally.. I wanna apologise if...

    Hi PaPa Chalk, I too want to apologize for posting my religious viewpoint with regard to the topic that was closed. I tried to send this to you as a PM and email, but both of those options were not possible.

    I was not aware that posts with religious points of view were against the rules. I am not apologizing for the content of my post, but merely for breaking the rules, as it is now evident to me that any discussions with regard to politics, bigotry and religion are not allowed, and I agree.

    I hope I was not the problem.
    Thank you for all you do to keep the forum such a clean place.
    Dan Kury

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    Re: OT.. Literally.. I wanna apologise if...

    No it does not have to do with any specific topic. There were many warnings previously and too many objections and moderator alerts from all sides.

    Just to give you an idea dan you couldn't send private messages to me because my inbox was cloged with these non essential objections. Non essential because they have nothing to do with helping people with sampling music etc.

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