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Topic: Shadow Of Darkness

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    Smile Shadow Of Darkness

    Here's my latest piece featuring the sonic delights of GPO.

    It's the theme to an imaginary movie. It's about 80% GPO - there's also a synth solo on Triangle II (can you believe it's free!) and me playing my son's Les Paul.

    Shadow Of Darkness

    P.S. Play song is a .wma file, Download is an MP3
    As in music - so in life!

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    Re: Shadow Of Darkness

    On the whole, I do like this, especially the guitar part.

    But the blending of orchestra and electric does not quite work (in a film setting, it will be okay - there can be separate orchestral and electric parts for the film and this would make a good intro/trailer, or combined theme).

    For us orchestral types, we would like to see a lot more variety of chord progression and rhythm.

    The performance and mixing seems quite good.


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