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Topic: Freebie Tools

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    Freebie Tools

    As a programmer, I often build small tools for my own musical work. It occurs to me these might be generally useful, so I'm cleaning some of them up for distribution.

    If it is not inappropriate and Gary does not mind an (occasional!) post -- and, of course, if you all have an interest -- I'll mention them briefly, here, if they're directly related in some way to the kind of work we do with the GPO. This is the first of them:

    Mp3 File Joiner
    For combining two or more .mp3 files. Free.

    UPDATE 4-10-2005
    Recently added:

    Auto BackUp 1.0
    Backs up your files automatically while you're working, etc. (more later in this thread). Free.

    Zoom 1.0
    A magnifying utility for use while scoring, etc., to zoom in on fine detail (more later in this thread). Free.



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    Re: Freebie Tools

    Wow!! It is terrifically cool for you to give others the benefit of what I'm sure was quite a lot of work on your part. Much appreciated!!

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    Re: Freebie Tools

    Thanks for the kind word, FredProgGH.


    Zoom 1.0 Magnifying Tool

    has just been posted. I built this to aid in editing fine detail in full score in Finale. No doubt others with old eyes like mine, as well as the visually handicapped, will find this little tool pretty handy... not just for score work, but probably for quite a few other things, too.


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    Re: Freebie Tools

    Thanks etLux for posting these. I think we have more clever and generous people here than any other forum.


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    Re: Freebie Tools

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Hopkins
    Thanks etLux for posting these. I think we have more clever and generous people here than any other forum. -Tom
    Thanks for the good word, Tom; and true enough - quite a fine crew we have, here, indeed!

    I've just released another small utility, which I hope will be of aid to those of us who are duly paranoid about backing up our work...

    Auto BackUp 1.0


    Description: Auto BackUp 1.0
    Auto BackUp 1.0 is a utility to back up one
    directory to another, at relatively short
    intervals. The primary use of the utility
    is for frequent backup of materials currently
    being edited...

    I generally have this running in the background when scoring. I keep my Finale .mus files and the related GPO .gpo files in the same work folder, and have Auto BackUp copy that folder to an external USB drive every thirty minutes or so.


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