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Topic: Gigastudio 160 reinstallation

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    Gigastudio 160 reinstallation

    Well, after many years of happily running Gigastudio 160 on my Windows 98 computer, I finally got a new Windows XP computer. So, once I got the computer up and running fine, I tried installing Gigastudio 160. First, I'm not sure that the program installed correctly, since it seemed to abort midstream, though there are files copied to the Gigastudio directory. Then, I downloaded the patches from the Tascam site, but when I double-click on the Gigastudio 2.5 patch, the computer tells me that it is not a Win32 file and won't install it.

    Does anyone know what I have to do to get Gigastudio up and running on Windows XP SP2?


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    Re: Gigastudio 160 reinstallation

    After searching previous posts, I found a few that seemed to indicate that Gigastudio 160 can only be installed on a Windows XP system if you have a 2.5 full program, rather than installing 2.0 and then patching up to 2.5. I'll try calling Tascam unless someone knows of anything else.


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    Re: Gigastudio 160 reinstallation

    That's correct. 2.5 or better is required for XP. 2.54 was the last of the series.


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