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Topic: The FirePod

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    Just hooked up the PreSonus FirePod and so far so good! Actually, there is a definite difference in sound quality from the Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 card! Not to mention latency seems to be no problem and set up was stupid simple!
    Raymond is on! Continue this in an hour!

    OK, continuing - Hopefully my soundcard issues are over with this unit. Installing was nice and simple. Install the software drivers, plug in the firewire, and turn on the FirePod. No issues of what where how huh!
    Using Cubase SE with SoundBlaster always was a problem especially with issues such as polyphony, more than two instances of GPO, using midi and audio, or using GPO, Full Kontakt, Effects and audio during a mix. Today I tried several combinations and this thing hasn't coughed yet! It's early I know but I have one whole month to put it through some paces and if it turns out not to work well for any reason, I can exchange for something else. Nice, I like doing business this way.
    Point is, I'm not sitting here tweaking and retweaking levels and Latency and buffer settings just to get a mixdown and finalized. Regardless, toss the Creative Audigy SoundBlaster 2 into the closet.
    Just sharing my experiences with you. I apologize if this is old hat or boring. It's not often I find something like this that seems to be "user friendly" especially considering my PC technical wizardry.
    Thanks for reading anyhowwhatwhywherewhothehellcares!

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    Re: The FirePod

    Well, I for one am very glad this new soundcard is working out for you. I feel your frustration with all these naggling issues that keep you from your work. So glad that in the future, this might be one less thing for you to worry about.

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    Putting a few extra bucks into an interface with good drivers is worth is several times over in the terms of quality-of-life improvement. Congrats on a good choice (all FireWire here, too) and enjoy.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: The FirePod

    Hey, great to hear! Glad it's working out for you, it's a really nice unit.


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