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Topic: Two Modernish Works

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    Two Modernish Works

    Here are my first attempts at a more modern sound. Some may recognize the method.

    Lullabile (String Quartet, Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Pizzicato Strings)

    Running Scardzo (Orchestra)

    All GPO, SIR reverb with multiple impulses from the 350seat set from www.noisevault.com.

    Naming convention in hyawnor of our very own Styxx ...

    Try not to throw up ... (because what goes up, well, ...)


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    Re: Two Modernish Works

    It's great to hear pieces that so robustly depart from more traditional styles, YBaCuO. In my opinion, both works are quite listenable; and the second especially, is intriguingly interesting.

    I genuinely enjoyed listening to these, and I think you are well on your way toward developing a worthwhile avenue of musical expression.

    Please do more!


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