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Topic: problem with 2.5 gigastudio

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    problem with 2.5 gigastudio

    Hi All
    i have gigastudio running on win 98SE with a p111, 1.4gh with a creative platinum live soundcard,the problems is when i put instruments in the 16 channels save them as a performance,and when i use them they change places and i can`t find out why,sometimes one instrument goes into 4 channels,if the bass is no 2 ch it can then go into 4ch,6ch,12ch and so on,i`ve checked to see if there is any program changes and there does not appear to be,am i doing something wrong,am i missing something,no sequencer is going to have bass program changes on 4 channels,its got me stumped any ideas,i have not found anything similar on the tascam web site or in other forum,thanks for reading this
    hope you can help. regards Dave Hoskins

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    Re: problem with 2.5 gigastudio

    There is probably a whole set of program changes as soon as you start playback. Make sure that the bank and patch numbers are set correctly in your sequencer.


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