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Topic: "Theorem of the Tiamet" (Slightly Epic/Filmic)

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    "Theorem of the Tiamet" (Slightly Epic/Filmic)

    First note, sorry if I don't comment on your works much, that doesn't mean I don't listen to them and I'm astounded at most of the demos on here; such high quality stuff!
    Anywho, here's the latest song for the game I'm composing for - this is the main theme and so it reoccurs often throughout the game... it's quite a filmic piece; I've decided to mix film and game music together and have a bit of each - like Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3 only more classical.
    Tell me what you think.

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    Re: "Theorem of the Tiamet" (Slightly Epic/Filmic)

    I'll have to email myself this thread so I remember to hear this. I've been a fan of yours since that Everglades piece from months and months ago. Glad to see you posting music again.

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    Re: "Theorem of the Tiamet" (Slightly Epic/Filmic)

    Where is the direct download link?

    I went to your website, but the demo page lead to some kind of (failed) login procedure? I don't like to login to download music.

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    Re: "Theorem of the Tiamet" (Slightly Epic/Filmic)

    You don't need to log in - yes sorry I was fixing up the site a bit.
    But you've just reminded me that putting a download link would be a good idea - I forgot all about it.


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    Re: "Theorem of the Tiamet" (Slightly Epic/Filmic)

    Well done! Some nice use of horns and dynamic control, there, I must say.

    Might I make a very minor suggestion: To me, the overall dynamic balance perhaps needs to be slightly adjusted, the softer sections perhaps a bit too soft whilst the tutti perhaps a hair too strong.

    Please, more of your work!


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    Re: "Theorem of the Tiamet" (Slightly Epic/Filmic)

    Yes I think you're right - dynamically that's how I wanted it, but I didn't get round to actually trying to normalise the contrasting volumes... I should get onto it. Thanks.

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    Re: "Theorem of the Tiamet" (Slightly Epic/Filmic)

    Very nice! I like how it slowly builds up. Very nice theme and harmonization, though I would agree on the overall dynamic comment. Keep up the nice work, thanks for sharing!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: "Theorem of the Tiamet" (Slightly Epic/Filmic)

    No problem, I would fix the volume but I think I'm going to leave that song, the boss didn't like it... I must say he's not very musically adapted, which is a shame, plus all he's given me to go on for 2 months is the word "majestic" - so I did, what he meant in the end was "magical"... *gets back to work* - anyway thank you all for the comments, I'll certainly be posting more I hope.

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    Re: "Theorem of the Tiamet" (Slightly Epic/Filmic)

    I love it!! When the strings come in, amazing

    Thanks for sharing.

    I think the dynamics are very good, it's very realistic to have very soft pp and very loud ff. Exageration of dynamics adds to the performance.

    From a commercial production point of view it does need to be more 'normalized'. I have recently discovered the joys of a good compressor, I didn't realize what a huge difference it made.


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