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Topic: sequencer and GIGA 2.5

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    sequencer and GIGA 2.5

    Hi. I'm running GIGA 2.5 on my music PC. Ordinarily I use my Mac with DP to run midi stuff, treating my GIGA machine as a sound source only. However I'd like to take a look at running a sequencer on the PC with GIGA, mostly for midi stuff only (I don't need a lot of heavy duty audio stuff). I've got a guy who I work with that likes to send me midi files from his PC and I think it would be more efficient to just dump them in the PC and use GIGA for the sounds. So I guess what I'm looking for is an inexpensive sequencer program that will "play nice" with GIGA 2.5. Thanks!

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    Smile Re: sequencer and GIGA 2.5

    Well, I've been using Sonar with GigaStudio 2.54 for some time now... and they seem to work very well together.

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    Re: sequencer and GIGA 2.5

    I checked on Sonar 4...something like $500. Yikes! Really I'm not looking to spend that kind of jack if I can avoid it. I've got Digital Performer running on my Mac, and I use that for all my audio stuff. I've just run into a problem w/importing midi files into DP for some unknown reason, and I'm really looking for a way to play midi files from within my Giga PC, to ultimately record the audio generated by Giga back into my Mac, so if I could find a "lite" version of a program, really just to play midi stuff that would be great. I'm half thinking of resurrecting my Atatri STe and importing the midi files into that, but I don't even know if the sucker works any more.

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    Re: sequencer and GIGA 2.5

    Cubase does sell cheap versions! I believe Cubase SE or SL go for the steinberg site!

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    Re: sequencer and GIGA 2.5

    Since you are not running too much audio staff, and Sonar is pricy, I am running Home Studio 2004, less expensive, and have all what I need. I was running it on GS160 2,5 and now on GS3 Orchestra, it works very well.

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    Re: sequencer and GIGA 2.5

    If you are just doing lighter midi stuff as you stated, SONAR is wonderful. I actually SONAR as my main audio tracking program as well.

    SONAR 4 is expensive for just a small task like that though. Why not try this option...

    Go on Ebay and buy an OFFICIAL SONAR 2 disk. A real CD with serial number that someone is selling. Then reregister it under your own name. Ive actually bought a lot of software like that. I call the company, say ive bought the software, I fax them proof, get it converted to my name and then upgrade cheap if I need to. Sometimes you can get a great deal. I bought SONAR for like $90. Totally real, not some burnt CD or anything. Cakewalk approved of the sale and i was good to go! Steinberg was also cool with me buying a few programs this way.

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