Only recently (about two years) I started listening to classical music and found composers whose works I very much like (Ravel, Ladmirault, Liadov, Delius, Elgar). Before that, I listened much (and still do) to symphonic rock and electronic music.

Due to these varied musical influences, I often like to combine classical instruments with electrical (rock) instruments.

I am interested to hear whether you like or not like the instrument combinations I use.

The pieces below are all multitracked improvisations and most of them are not corrected afterwards, so they often:
a) sound unfinished with no good endings
b) contain rhythmical errors
c) are much to short
Hopefully, in the next year, I have learned enough musical theory to transform my improvisations to completed pieces, but sadly, I am not at that point yet.

All sounds come from various GigaStudio libraries, including the guitars (Vintaudio Clean Electric Guitars, Quantum Leap Electrical Guitar & Bass and Steve Stevens Guitar). With the guitar sounds, I often use a Behringer V-AMP 2 for additional effects and distortion.

After the Battle (electrical guitar, church organ and percussion)

Electrosphere 3 (lead guitar, string pad, arpeggiator)

String Trio (bright electrical piano with cello and violin)

Watching Sadly (lead guitar, mellotron flute)

Scotch on the Rocks (bagpipe, lead guitar)
It is really short, but you can loop it.