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Topic: RAW Panpipes

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    RAW Panpipes

    R.A.W. Update

    I"ve added some Bolivian Cane Pan Pipes


    -a few FX

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    Re: RAW Panpipes

    This is great Herman, thanks again and again. I haven't even checked out your last offer since I'm just getting around to Nhick Ramiro Pacis' awesome GigaAngklung samples. It's great to know there's more ethnomusical adventures in store. Keep it up!!
    BTW, a couple of wrestlers showed up at my door today and told me to cease and desist all use of anything calling itself RAW, since the WWF holds the copyright on that name. When I played the Mid Winter Horn, they started purring like kittens, got in the fetal position and sucked their thumbs. Just a self defense tip in case they show up at yor door.

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    Re: RAW Panpipes

    Thanks scott, I'll keep that in mind when the time comes they figured out my adress. I'll keep a .44 bamboo whistle under my pillow

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    Re: RAW Panpipes

    Thanks Herman. You're really cranking these out! How many instruments do you have?

    It would be great to see some pictures of what these exotic instruments looks like but I'm sure you're too busy sampling even more of them!

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    Re: RAW Panpipes


    Many thank's for these great samples.


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    Re: RAW Panpipes

    Hey thanks Herman! These could definitely come in handy

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