Has anyone noticed that half pedaling seems to be broken? In all of the instrument presets, a sustain level of 55 sounds exactly the same as a sustain level of 0. The CONT PEDAL instrument is the only one where there is a difference, but this isnt the way a real piano sounds at all. When I set the sustain level to half or a quarter way, I get this wierd wah-wah / phaser effect.

In the Modeled Sustain intrument, one would expect half pedal to work, but this too behaves like an on/off switch. I can see the mic levels in the gigapulse settings gradually increase and decrease, but you don't get any sustain effect at all until the sustain controller passes the half-way mark.

I realize half-pedaling is hard to implement, but now with gigapulse and the modeled sustain preset this should be possible, correct?