In a current thread, mention was made of how some music can precisely evoke certain images. This is one of 2 attempts of mine with that aim. The first time I played it outside my home, I had just barely met my clients husband,who listened attentively, and at the end, described exactly what I had in mind. Do not let the title deceive you, although it does fit, and I was playing it on a nice grand piano in a very romantic setting in a house overlooking the Pacific Ocean, where sometimes the Farallones can be seen. That is the source of the title, not the musc. I would find it interesting if anyone else finds the imagery, or some other imagery, or none! Since I did not have a string section, I played it as a piano solo.

I have another piece, describing the same scene on a different occasion. I just made a slight alteration to the score, so it is not available at the moment.

Misty Isles