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Topic: OT - XP memory settings - where was that info again?

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    OT - XP memory settings - where was that info again?

    I remember a while back there were some info floating around about memory settings that would allow you to tell windows to split memory between OS and Apps differently than it does by default (which is a 50/50 split if I remember correctly.) I've been looking off and on for a few months now and haven't been able to find it via NS searches or Googling.

    And if a memory expert happens to come across this post, perhaps someone could tell me whether or not the GS memory tweaks found on the VSL website that Mattias Henningson provided would be useful for other applications as well, or just GS? That post is here for anyone who hasn't seen it yet (its been around for a goodly time now, maybe some folks missed it):

    (under Gigastudio Topics, 1st post)


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    Re: OT - XP memory settings - where was that info again?

    It would appear that GigaStudio "knows a lot of stuff" about how memory works in the operating system, and therefore those PagedPool tweaks aren't likely to help Kompakt.

    My favorite reference is black viper's "XP Tweaks" pages at http://www.blackviper.com .
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    Re: OT - XP memory settings - where was that info again?

    The tweaks are for GigaStudio only since it's the only sampler (afaik) running in kernel-mode.

    Executive summary of the VSL thread follows... The tweaks helps to load more samples in GS2.54 and GS3 than what was previously possible. The tweak only helps on machines with more than 1GB ram. From GS3.03 and onwards the tweaks can be done from within GigaStudio using the Memory Configuration Utility. If you're using an earlier version you will have to do the tweaks manually or by using the small tool I wrote. You can find the tool and more info at [URL=http://www.musikbanken.se/gigastudio http://www.musikbanken.se/gigastudio[/URL]


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    Re: OT - XP memory settings - where was that info again?

    You might want to try http://www.musicxp.net/ You will find lots of audio related tips there. I hope this helps.


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    Re: OT - XP memory settings - where was that info again?

    I think what Mike's referring to is the 3gb switch, I think you access it in msconfig but cant remember for sure.
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    Re: OT - XP memory settings - where was that info again?

    Thanks for all the info and links - and special thanks to Mattias, I've been using your tweaks since you first told us all how (didn't know you wrote an app for it! I'll check it out. Your LoadTimeOptimizer has by now saved me many, many hours if not days of hair-pulling - thnx so much man!) Problem I'm facing is that it's been so long since I applied the various settings to my machines that I forgot what all was involved... sad is my memory (not the computers', it works great!)

    Scott, yes - that is exactly what I've been looking for. I've done it, use it on my main machine... can't remember for the life of me how. It'll be time for an OS reinstall soon (kidna overdue now as is) and I wanted to make sure I had all this ready before I reinstall everything.

    I guess I thought I could find it via NS search if I needed to again, my bad. I'll look over the links here and see if it's in one of them somewhere. This time, I'm gunna save me some text files when I find it!

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