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Topic: Uematsu in Seattle

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    Uematsu in Seattle

    Hooray! I was really hoping they would come here - Benaroya Hall is a FABULOUS symphony hall. This is going to be GREAT!


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    Re: Uematsu in Seattle

    My only advice is this....don't get your hopes up. I went to the one in San Francisco and, well, just don't have any high expectations. Many of the other attendees were teenagers or at least mentally teenage punks. (I'm sure I had the right seat - it took three freakin' ushers to sit in the seat I paid for!!! ) The music was great, but the overall sound left something to be desired. Maybe I'm just used to cranking my FF cds when I listen to them. Oh, and when the guy with electric guitar solo comes in....wah, wah, wah, waaaaaaaaaaaaah. There's so much more I can say. So here it goes - the crowd claps for the everything, the emcee makes a stupid joke, applause!, the conductor wipes his sweat , applause!, the lighting person tests the lights, you get the idea. I paid $20 for the program - when I found that mine had a cut on the back (box cutter probably), they wouldn't let me exchange it! To top it off, parking in SF sucks, the directions I had were wrong, the wife was bored out of her mind, god it was such an unbelievable...nevermind, I got to go, might as well just post this, what day is it? Applause!

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    Re: Uematsu in Seattle

    I went the concert in SanFran while i was at the GDC. I thought it was awesome. The vibe wasnt your typical stuffy philharmonic scene.....ya people clapped after each song and in song cases screamed but i loved that. people where there because they were passionate about the final fantasy music. I loved it. The use of visuals were great.....but i wish there was more.
    I havent played much final fantasy games but i left inspired for sure. I think this is the beggining of game audio being displayed like this. Uematsu is a rock star in japan and you could feel that he was adored by the people in the crowd. Soon i hope game composers here get this kind of following.
    Go see/hear it....its worth the money.

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    Re: Uematsu in Seattle

    Okay, that was my stupid april's fool stunt for this year. locash is right, the show was incredible. My wife had fun too - we even ran into an old friend we haven't seen for years - one of the last things I talked to her about was FFVIII. So it was surprising/not surprising to see her there. Okay, the parking in SF is not something I'm used to, and I (like an unprepared idiot) didn't take enough cash for the program (parking was $30, program $20). But all in all, I highly recommend it, the crowd, the vibe - it's just something you shouldn't miss.

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    Re: Uematsu in Seattle

    I got to go to the one in Chicago. Not only did I get to meet Uematsu and thank him in Japanese, but I even got to give him a CD of my own stuff. It was an absolutely priceless experience. I highly recommend this concert series to any FF music fan.

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