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Topic: Good old RMX Problem ... Out of Memory

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    Good old RMX Problem ... Out of Memory


    i just have a question. i updated to 1.2 version of RMX and i still have the out of memory thingy going on.

    i really don't understand that i have 2GB of RAM and still 800 MB available and i am not able to open the cinematic patch to get a few slams.

    also i really don't know if i am getting blind or so ... but i can't see the patch number to check if the update was successful ...

    can anyone help ?

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    Re: Good old RMX Problem ... Out of Memory

    still nothing ?

    it can't be that i have 1GB (2GB total) of ram left, have a full orchestra open and want to use some stylus slams and cannot access the cinematic section because rmx is getting out of memory.

    really - stylus rrmx is one of the best vst'is i know but the "out of memory" thingy drives me mad ... please is there some solution to access just a few slams.

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    Re: Good old RMX Problem ... Out of Memory

    It all depends on what you mean by "have a full orchestra open". If you've used all your virtual memory (not RAM), that wouldn't leave any memory for RMX. If that's not the case, have you tried contacting tech support? When you do contact them, be prepared to provide details like OS, version of RMX, host, and a multi file that demonstrates the problem. Thanks.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Good old RMX Problem ... Out of Memory

    Glenn, I have contacted tech support about this issue a while back.

    For some reason, patches such as the cinematic one overload the memory.

    Something I can reproduce systematically is loading 2 or 3 instances of cinematic and get the out of memory message by the 3rd instance with no sound coming out of RMX for the 3rd instance.

    I also have 2 gigs of ram and even if I use an empty project with nothing but RMX I will get the same result.

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    Re: Good old RMX Problem ... Out of Memory

    yeh, this is the thing i mean. i have to bounce the slams or stuff i need from rmx to wave, so i could easily use it in big setups.

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