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Topic: DP 4.52 and RMX glitches

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    DP 4.52 and RMX glitches

    Hi, having the following problems:

    I use DP 4.52 w/ Mac G5 2.0 dual, OSX 2.3.7, DP as "front end" for seq.
    DAE/Pro Tools/Digi 192 i/o, HD3 Accell
    RMX 1.02 (latest version)

    1) when instantiating RMX plug via DAE on DP aux track, the graphics get all screwy after any selection in the directory panes. Graphic objects and menus overlap and/or are doubled, and the mouse does not point accurately at the various controls. To get around this, I click on another page (FX, Mixer, etc.) then back to the directory. This cleans it up, until the next selection or two... then it's graphic bugs all over again. What gives? (BTW, this does not happen with RMX instants in Pro Tools 6.7cs8)

    2) After an indeterminate period of time, RMX fails to pass audio. I press play on the seq. , no audio. I try to audition grooves, no audio. The only solution is to quit DP and restart the program. Any ideas?

    3) Finally, after an indeterminate period of time, audio starts to crackle. Subtle at first, it becomes a true annoyance after an hour or so. I did not try a cold restart, but restarting DP does not help. The audio crackle is esp. annoying with clean hi fi grooves and comes out out of the right speaker.
    Any ideas?

    Besides this, what a fantastic program and I'm having a ball learning it!

    Ray Lyon
    Balsam Pillow Studio
    Waynesville, NC

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    Re: DP 4.52 and RMX glitches

    MOTU is making great strides in improving the RTAS support in the DAE version of DP. Version 4.52 is almost there, but as you've noticed, it still falls short of matching Pro Tools as an RTAS host. We're working with them to help them resolve the remaining issues.

    - Glenn

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    Re: DP 4.52 and RMX glitches

    Hi Glenn, are you saying these issues are unresolvable until MOTU fixes the problems in a future update in DP? Or does it involve an update to RMX? Or both?

    It seems a shame and somewhat disingenuous that a product that is marketed for use in DP, esp. with the very convenient drag and drop feature (which PT 6.7 doesn't have) has these problems. But I'm glad to hear you are working with them to fix the problems.

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    Re: DP 4.52 and RMX glitches

    While RTAS plugins work fine with Pro Tools, using RTAS plugins with DP/DAE, as I'm sure you're aware, requires some patience. If you're experiencing a problem in DP/DAE with an RTAS plugin which works fine in Pro Tools, the solution to that problem will need to come from MOTU. The good news is that MOTU seems committed to improving RTAS support in DP/DAE. If you check with them, they might be able to give you schedule information on updates to DP to address these issues.

    - Glenn

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    Re: DP 4.52 and RMX glitches


    Thanks for your response. I have been corresponding on the MOTU Unicornation board with another user who is having the same problems with RMX and also Lounge Lizard. He received information from MOTU that you would find informative which is quoted below:

    ... I also have a problem with graphics using DAE and Stylus RMX. I've been in contact with Josh at MOTU support regarding graphics problems with Stylus RMX and Lounge Lizard. He said something about X pixels and an offset. He wrote the following: "Generally, these types of graphical anomalies are on the plug-in developer side; in a case like this, the developer may have "hard-coded"You should be able to correct the RMX issue by closing and re-opening the file". I said that things are just fine in Pro Tools and his reply was : "I used the issue of X pixels and an offset as a specific example; that may not be the case exactly with Lounge Lizard opening blank, but it is most likely a result of graphics designed for one host application." What I get from this is that DP displays plugin graphics differently than PT and, if the plugin developer has not written in a flexible way of displaying them, there could be problems in Performer. In short, MOTU says the fix has to come from the plugin developer. Spectrasonics is very good at fine tuning their products so, if you let them know, perhaps there will be a fix from them. Of course, I think that MOTU should modify their code to take into account the "hard-wired coding" of different developers. I have two plugins that pose problems and several more that were wrapped VSTs that also screw up (not really MOTU's problem). One can only hope!

    What's your take on this response from MOTU?


    Ray Lyon

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    Re: DP 4.52 and RMX glitches

    Sorry, but other than observing that your friend incorrectly paraphrased the comment he attributed to MOTU :-), there's really nothing else I can share on the matter. As I already mentioned, we're working with MOTU on this. We'll do our best to investigate workarounds to any DP/DAE problems. But, there are fundamental issues here that only MOTU can address, and they are working on it. For more details, you'll have to contact MOTU.

    - Glenn

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    Re: DP 4.52 and RMX glitches

    Thanks for taking the time to respond, Glenn. I appreciate that you are working with MOTU to resolve the problem... meanwhile its back to PT for MIDI work until the problems are cleaned up...

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    Re: DP 4.52 and RMX glitches

    I received a reply from Josh @ MOTU... he acknowledged the graphics problems. He also provided a solution for the other problem I was having with RMX in DP... loss of audio and crackling:

    "This behavior is a result of the latest RMX VST-RTAS Wrapper, so try
    swapping out the v1.2 Stylus RMX Wrapper for v1.0 (but keep the v1.2
    RMX VST installed)"

    My question is do you recommend this and how is it done? Also, does Spectrasonics plan on updating the wrapper or is that someone else's responsibility?


    Ray Lyon

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    Re: DP 4.52 and RMX glitches

    Sorry, but Josh is not correct. I'll make sure that someone at MOTU who _is_ in the loop on this matter informs him of the status.

    - Glenn

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