Wanted for freelance and potentially full time position in a NYC music
house. We're looking for ONE person who can fullfill these duties:

-HIGH-END assistant (running Pro Tools sessions-including fast and rhythmic
editing of audio and midi, quick and creative manipulation of sampled
material, working hand in hand with our Creative Director to collaberate on
musical projects.)

-Mixing in house projects within Pro Tools.

-Engineering for commercials, network re-designs, remixes, and content for

-Re-mixng in various styles of Electronic and Pop music.

Impeccable rhythm and at least some musical chops a must. Familiarity with
many styles of music and music history, very helpful. We want a creative
person to bring their own style, personality and creativity to our company.
Our company is a convergence of business and art where the quality of music
and production is our top priority.

Email resume to: