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Topic: Most Stable VST Host Program

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    Most Stable VST Host Program

    I am looking into building a PC just to run my VST Instruments. What seems to be the most stable VST Host program based on experience?

    Here are the two that interest me:

    Brainspawn Forte
    Steinberg V-Stack


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    Re: Most Stable VST Host Program

    I use V-Stack on a mac.
    Sometimes I use two at the same time with 32 Midichannels on 4 ports.
    (Simply copy the programfile, rename it and open both)
    When you create for example a new kontakt patch you don`t even have
    to save it. It´s all stored in the V-Stack file.

    since 1 1/2 years no Crash, no data lost, no trouble.

    Is that stable?

    Chris Hein

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    Re: Most Stable VST Host Program

    I find V-Stack to be more stable than Forte.

    Forte has SOME degree of tempo-following though. But then, that is only Midi Clock so its not that accurate.

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