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Topic: DFD Download

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    DFD Download

    Has anyone downloaded the DFD file and used it to stream samples from a hard drive? Why is there a disclaimer? Does it help?

    I have a Toshiba laptop. It is a Pentium 4 with 1 gig of Ram memory. Samples load fine, but I still get a little hiccup once in a while. I only load the necessities on start-up. Can anyone share a bit of wisdom?
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    Re: DFD Download


    You are referring to the Direct from Disk extension for Kontakt? Not sure about the "disclaimer" you mention but maybe this helps.

    The DFD file is separate from Kontakt mostly so that NI can update it without impacting whatever version of Kontakt is in release. I can't think of why anyone wouldn't want it as you can install it but only activate disk streaming when you want to. I would bet that near 100% of Kontakt users are doing DFD.

    Disk streaming was championed by Gigastudio as a way to play very large samples without the restrictions of RAM. Kontakt followed with their own version about two years ago. Now that >1GB RAM installations are getting to be the norm, the trend is swinging the other way, preloading samples (or at least a large part of the leading edge of samples) into RAM and playing them from there.

    Does it help?
    That sort of depends. You have a laptop with probably one drive. Your running Kontakt and presumably some sort of audio application as well? In that case DFD could be a problem. Streaming Kontakt samples from the same drive as your audio software can chew up a lot of disk I/O, resulting in clicks, low voice count and worse.

    Typical DFD setups involve a dedicated drive for sample streaming separate from the system/application drive and another for audio recording.

    You can always try it out. It certainly won't break anything.

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    Re: DFD Download

    Thanks for the reply and explanation! I also have GigaStudio 3.0. I have not used is very much lately. I'm a High School music teacher with a software budget. So, I usually will try anything that's out there. I have a separate external drive for my office desktop. But, I usually carry my laptop with me everywhere I go. So, I wanted something that would work well with it. That is why I purchased GOP. Actually, it was in Cincinnati at the Ohio Music Educators State Conference this past February.

    I was getting some drop-outs on my laptop. I didn't understand it because my desktop only has 512k or ram, but my laptop had 1 gig. I don't get drop-outs on my desktop with GigaStudio. So, I was a bit confused. When I heard of the possibility of sample streaming GOP, I was very interested. But, I did not want to mess up things. That's why I asked for help.

    Is there a way to turn it on or off? Should I try it? Or, should I just try to tweak what I already have?

    Again, thanks for responding!

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    Re: DFD Download

    Some (not sure if it's most) laptops use slower-spinning hard drives in the interest of saving power and reducing noise, and therefore extending battery life and lessening the amount of frictional heat generated. On the desktop side of things drives are usually spinning at 7,200 rpm, with specialty drives at 10,000 rpm (or faster) and older drives at 5,400 rpm.

    Laptop-specific drives are usually at 4,200 rpm.

    What's important for DFD is both seek time, and data read-speed, which is a factor of the drive electronics, and drive mechanicals: data density, data format on disk, rotational speed, and luck.
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    Re: DFD Download


    In regard to DFD: Personally I would install it. As I mentioned before, if you don't get the results you want, you can either turn it off in the Kontakt options area or uninstall it. BTW, where does this warning about it damaging your PC appear?? I would like to have a look at that.

    Also, please post your complete laptop configuration and what music software your running.

    Drop out's can be caused by lots and lots of different situations on any machine. It can depend on the audio card, available CPU, RAM, Drive speed etc etc. or some combination of all the above.


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    Re: DFD Download

    When I took a look at the download page, I noticed that there were several paragraphs discouraging the use of DFD with GPO. GPO contends that ram memory is what their program was designed to operate with and that DFD could possibly slow things down. Try is link: http://www.garritan.com/downloads.html

    I'm using a Toshiba laptop. It has a 60 gig hard drive and a 2 gig processor. I'm using Cubase 2.2.39. I'd appreciate any words of wisdom you can share.


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    Re: DFD Download


    Ahh.. I see. The warning is from the GPO end, not NI.

    Well, they certainly state it much better than I and they are pretty specific about you not needing it if you have 1GB or more of RAM. Their lib is optimized to run direct from RAM rather than drive streaming.

    This also appears to be a "tailored" version of DFD as the Legal section states that it will only work with GPO//Kontakt Player and no other NI products. (Presumably this means it's not the same as the regular DFD that I was referring to).

    At this point I would say your best bet to get GPO users feedback on GPO/DFD would be to post your question/issue in the GPO section of the forum. Don't mean to past the buck but I'm not a GPO user and their are bunches of them over there.

    Last question - What audio device are you using on your Toshiba?


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    Re: DFD Download

    Thanks again for writing back. I really appreciate your responses. I am learning a lot. Currently, I am using an ECHO INDIGO I/O soundcard. It's great and has extremely low latency. When I play MIDI in, the sound output is INSTANT!

    I saw it being used by a GPO representative at a Music Educators State Conference in Cincinnati back in February of this year. I questioned the representative about it and he recommended it highly. He was also using a laptop. That's why I was so interested. So, I bought one.

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    Re: DFD Download


    The Echo Indigo is a terrific laptop card so I don't think I would pursue possible issues with sub-standard audio drivers/hardware.

    More than likely you have some memory or buffer tweaks that need to happen and again, Because your version of Kontakt Player is GPO specific, I think that posting your GPO/DFD questions in the GPO section will be far more helpful than here in the Kontakt area.

    Best of Luck


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    Re: DFD Download


    Thanks a lot for all your help. I'll take you advice.

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