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Topic: Windows XP not seeing Midi inputs

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    Question Windows XP not seeing Midi inputs


    Does anyone know of a reason why Windows XP SP2 couldn't see a Midi driver's inputs?

    I was having a problem yesterday with one of my PC's, where although the driver for my Midi interface was installed (MidiSport 4x4), the inputs were not appearing inside GigaStudio 2.54. Uninstalling and reintalling the driver did not help. Not knowing what else to do, I reinstalled Windows and all my drivers (after having reformatted my HD), and now things seem to be back to normal on that computer.

    However, tonight the same thing is unfortunately happening to my second PC. This one is using MidiOverLAN CP, which seems to be installed properly, but I just noticed that both GigaStudio 3 and Kontakt 1.5 are not seeing any Midi inputs. In Giga, I only have "none" as a choice for Midi input, and in Kontakt the list of choices for inputs is empty.

    Since this is happening with both applications, I'm guessing that the problems is OS related. I must have changed some setting without realizing it, or something. Anyone have a clue before I reinstall Windows on that computer too (which I also did yesterday, because of a corrupted HD!)? I'd like to avoid that. :-)

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Windows XP not seeing Midi inputs

    Yes, there are a number of things that can go wrong which can prevent your OS from seeing valid MIDI devices. Usually the registry is messed up in some way (often with multiple semi-broken entries for the same driver).

    If you're using an M-Audio MIDIsport interface, M-Audio has a utility to (hopefully) clean up the mess and get things working again. Go to the drivers section of http://www.m-audio.com and search for "MIDI FIX". (The last time I looked, it was the third entry from the bottom in the drivers list). Download it, read the directions, and run it.

    It worked for me. Hope it works for you too!

    Best Regards,

    - Steve

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