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Topic: Expressive cello sample?

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    Expressive cello sample?

    I'm thinking it boils down to Kirk Hunter vs. VSL Solo Strings. I'm looking for a really nice cello sample. The attractive thing about VSL Solo Strings is, of course, the performance legato tool. But what I like about KH is, you can buy the solo cello by itself, which is a nice option.

    I listened to demos for both. The KH cello demos sound... weird. I can't put my finger on it. The VSL cello seems to be crisper and have better "presence."

    Opinions on this?
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Expressive cello sample?

    VSL rules all. That's all I have to say.

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    Re: Expressive cello sample?

    One of my fav parts of the EWQLSO lib are the Cello's and Solo Cello, sampled in four octaves. Some of the patches are expressive and lyrical and have a really natural swell.

    Of course, you need to buy the whole lib to get them!
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: Expressive cello sample?


    Check the demos for X Sample vol 7. That's the disc with the vibrato cello, spinet etc. Sonically, it's the nicest solo cello I've heard. You can feel the musician behind it. Other cellos, some of which are undoubtably more elaborate and comprehensive, seem a little brittle by comparison.

    There are non-vib/pizz/stac solo cellos on other Xsample discs. Pity they broke them up that way.


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    Re: Expressive cello sample?

    I like the cello in EWQLSO like Scott does.

    Heath, what's X sample? Is that a library or the name of a patch in a library?



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    Re: Expressive cello sample?

    Here you go, Jose


    Their harp is outstanding too. I have a VSL harp, but I keep going back to the Xsample version. It's great for key-switching between open and stopped tones - very realistic performances.


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    Re: Expressive cello sample?

    I find the looping of the X-Sample vibrato cello to be a bit annoying. Why, oh why did X-Sample have to loop so many instruments of their library? The harp, however, is the best thing they ever did! It's simply an ageless sample.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Expressive cello sample?

    You have to place them in the context of their time of release. I think they're looped really well, and gives the opportunity to adds lots more expression than with static samples. A great example is the brass disc. The material dry sounds like crap, but if you play it expressively it sounds great!

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    Re: Expressive cello sample?

    The VSL Solo Strings really aren't THAT expensive when you look at what you're getting. And the quality is truly outstanding... the VSL continues to blow my mind. I've had the Solo STrings set for a while now and they're spectacular, especially when you put them into an Altiverb environment.


    Kerry Muzzey

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