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Topic: Installing Kompakt 2

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    Installing Kompakt 2

    Is it just my system or does it take forever to copy the Kontakt 2 Library to hard disk. Even Colossus, which came with a gazillion DVDs copied faster. It took about 45 minutes for the first DVD to copy and the second DVD is about 1/8 loaded and it says 92 minutes left!

    Are these DVDs a different format? Supposedly there is 15 GB of sounds right? Colossus had 32GB and 8 DVDs. Kontakt 2 only has 2 DVDs.

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    Re: Installing Kompakt 2

    Hehe! They might be Dual Layer (double the storage of a recordable DVD).

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    Re: Installing Kompakt 2

    Didn't take as long as it said after all. The copy timer was off. But it seemed to take longer than usual. Maybe dual sided disks copy at a slower rate??? Oh well, time to check out this new library!

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    Re: Installing Kompakt 2

    Yeah, they're dual layer, and yes, they do take longer.

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