Hi everyone....I am new to the forum....I am actually seeking on-site help setting up, using, and mixing using the following setup:

-G5 2.5 DP, 2GB ram (running Cubase SX3)
-Motu 828 mkII
-PC - DAW - lightning fast, RME 9632, 2 GB ram (running GS 3)(VSL Perf. Set - Pro Edition...various other libraries)

I have been arranging/composing for years...Finale (and Reason) has been the extent of my compositional needs...now, I am getting into film, tv, theater, and various other projects...

Problem is...I have all the necessary items (I think) to at least get started importing midi into Cubase and using GS3 to bring everything together on a professional level...I just have no idea where to start and problem solve...as I am not experienced with GS3 (and the VSL) and all of the twaeking it may need...

I live in Tampa, FL...does anyone have any suggestions for live training...or know anyone in the Tampa area???

I would really appreciate any and all input...thanks again!!!!

My email is - fksullivan@yahoo.com - cell 813.956.2004

Best regards,