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Topic: SAMPLER IN US$550 ! Kontakt 2 vs HAlion3 player + many sample CDs

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    SAMPLER IN US$550 ! Kontakt 2 vs HAlion3 player + many sample CDs

    HI THERE !

    Im stuck with a decision to purchase a SOFT SAMPLER in a US$550 budget, here are the options i have

    a). SAMPLE TANK 2 XL
    b). Kontakt 2
    c). Halion 3 player with many sample CDs of the music genre of my choice !
    d). Or to strech out and go for Eastwest Colossus

    2. I know Kontakt 2 has a hugh library but as i have not heard demos, i fear
    that it would not have those Deep Saxophones, Real Acoustic Guitars, Rare
    Instruments like Irish Whistle, flutes and Basses all at the same time ! Only if i
    could hear and know whats it capable of, it would have made my choice easier !

    3. Only reason im goin for Halion is that i can buy a lot of sample CDs in the
    US$550 Budget along with it !

    Here are some sample CDs i have shortlisted, if u have an idea of Halion 3
    sounds can you plz guide me on its strengths on which one of the sample cds i should avoid

    I need good saxophones, dance sounds , good acoustic and synth bass,good nylon and overdrive and especially some rare instruments like indian bansuri and irish whistle etc !

    Here are the ones im goin for !

    Prosamples - Rare Ethnic Instruments
    ///////////- House
    ///////// - Dance Floor Bass
    /////// - Session Instruments
    Uberschall - Loop Essentials
    Uberschall - House Essentials

    Yellow Tools- Pure Guitars ( I dont know if Halions Wizzo XXL Nylon is good enough then maybe i shouldnt go for it, what do u say ? )

    Ilio - Worldwinds ( I only see it in akai format on their web, but when i emailed them about Halion compatibility they said yes, i wonder how ? )

    Sax ! Still dont know what do buy, maybe u can recommend

    Overdrive guitar! still no idea ! do i really need it!

    So guys here is the story, tell me am i on the right track, what should i do
    keeping in view my requirements ! plz give me your valuable and experienced
    suggestions on what to go for now and which brand of sample cds enjoy the best reputation !


    STUDIO 051
    Plz reply at info@studio051.com too

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    Re: SAMPLER IN US$550 ! Kontakt 2 vs HAlion3 player + many sample CDs

    Here's some more ideas just to confuse you a bit more

    These are all VSTi's so you won't need a sampler.
    Indian instruments - Etnosphere http://www.soundburst.com/ethnosphere.html $69

    Dance sounds/synth basses: Vanguard http://www.refx.net/pro_Vanguard.htm?lang=eng $89

    Acoustic guitar: RealGuitar http://www.musiclab.com/products/realgtr_info.htm $159

    Sax - Saxlab http://www.linplug.com/Products/SaxLab/saxlab.htm $149.

    Imo specialized products are better than a all-in-one solution.
    Having said that, I've heard good things about Sonik Synth 2 so you might wanna have a look at that. http://www.soniksynth.com/ $399

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    Re: SAMPLER IN US$550 ! Kontakt 2 vs HAlion3 player + many sample CDs

    Sounds like SampleTank 2 or Sonik Synth 2 might be your best bet. Kontakt 2 is great, but it's not going to cover all your bases, because it's not intended to be a ROMpler. ST2 and SS2 are more like traditional hardware workstations, filled with tons of useful sounds in all categories (particularly ST2 - SS2 is more synth oriented). I haven't used Colossus myself, but from what I understand, that will cover everything you need too (though not as in-depth as individual libraries).

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