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Topic: BEST SAMPLER OPTION IN US$550 Budget ! Kontakt 2 VS HAlion3 player + many sample cds

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    BEST SAMPLER OPTION IN US$550 Budget ! Kontakt 2 VS HAlion3 player + many sample cds

    HI THERE !

    Im stuck with a decision to purchase a SOFT SAMPLER in a US$550 budget, here are the options i have

    a). SAMPLE TANK 2 XL
    b). Kontakt 2
    c). Halion 3 player with many sample CDs of the music genre of my choice !
    d). Or to strech out and go for Eastwest Colossus

    2. I know Kontakt 2 has a hugh library but as i have not heard demos, i fear
    that it would not have those Deep Saxophones, Real Acoustic Guitars, Rare
    Instruments like Irish Whistle, flutes and Basses all at the same time ! Only if i
    could hear and know whats it capable of, it would have made my choice easier !

    3. Only reason im goin for Halion is that i can buy a lot of sample CDs in the
    US$550 Budget along with it !

    Here are some sample CDs i have shortlisted, if u have an idea of Halion 3
    sounds can you plz guide me on its strengths on which one of the sample cds i should avoid

    I need good saxophones, dance sounds , good acoustic and synth bass,good nylon and overdrive and especially some rare instruments like indian bansuri and irish whistle etc !

    Here are the ones im goin for !

    Prosamples - Rare Ethnic Instruments
    ///////////- House
    ///////// - Dance Floor Bass
    /////// - Session Instruments
    Uberschall - Loop Essentials
    Uberschall - House Essentials

    Yellow Tools- Pure Guitars ( I dont know if Halions Wizzo XXL Nylon is good enough then maybe i shouldnt go for it, what do u say ? )

    Ilio - Worldwinds ( I only see it in akai format on their web, but when i emailed them about Halion compatibility they said yes, i wonder how ? )

    Sax ! Still dont know what do buy, maybe u can recommend

    Overdrive guitar! still no idea ! do i really need it!

    So guys here is the story, tell me am i on the right track, what should i do
    keeping in view my requirements ! plz give me your valuable and experienced
    suggestions on what to go for now and which brand of sample cds enjoy the best reputation !


    STUDIO 051
    Plz reply at info@studio051.com too

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    Re: BEST SAMPLER OPTION IN US$550 Budget ! Kontakt 2 VS HAlion3 player + many sample

    The best advice I can give is for you to go to your local music store and test drive your options. Different people have different needs and different ways of thinking and working. The only way you can tell what's best for you is to try 'em. Of course, finding a friend who has 'em would be best, so you could find out the quirks and working style for each system.

    As far as samples goes, I'm pleased with what shipped with Halion3, though I definately supplement it with VSL and SAM. But regardless, most samplers have translators built in, or at least available, so getting good stuff for any single sampler isn't hard. Also, don't go overboard spending at first if you're not on a deadline. Samples are like drugs - you always want more. It's a good idea to learn what ships with the sampler before deciding what you need next. After that buy sample sets one at a time, and learn what's in each one before deciding on your next purchase. You'll get the most complete library for your uses, and spend the least money that way.

    Really, find the sampler that works best for you, and how you think and create music. That's the one you're gonna be happiest with.

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