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Topic: Kontakt 2 and GPO

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    Kontakt 2 and GPO

    Any early adopters?
    Just wondering if GPO loads up properly in K2 and if there are any "Gotcha's!"



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    Re: Kontakt 2 and GPO

    Based on the thread in the General Discussion board on the main forum, everything is performing okay at this point. There is some discussion about whether the performance is the same, but due to ideas that discrepancies are due to the DFD extension, it is unknown at this point. I don't think anyone's tested the new dual processor support either.

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    Re: Kontakt 2 and GPO

    Thanks Joseph,

    ahh yes DFD, here we go again ..

    Seems like it either works perfectly for some and terrible for others.

    Hopefully it will work OK for me as it has in the past.

    Should have my copy in a week or better . I will give the multiCPU option a good test to see if it holds up. Word on the Knotakt forum is it is not working so good for Hyperthreaded P4's, but as they are not dual core anyways, I guess that should not surprise anyone.


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    Re: Kontakt 2 and GPO

    I know from 2 different people/systems that gpo loaded in kontakt 2 causes a LOT of more cpu usage.

    I was very keen on kontakt 2...mainly because of the 7.5 gb of vienna sounds...but that cpu usage makes it slightly inefficient for me.

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    Re: Kontakt 2 and GPO

    I wondered about hyperthreading. Oh well. Maybe when I can afford a dual Xeon PC I'll be all set.


    Interesting info. I wonder if they're using DFD? I assume that they are. This could be the cause of their CPU inefficiency. I wonder if they've tried adjusting DFD options at all? Set it to preload more into RAM instead of streaming more from the hard disk drive. That should help somewhat assuming they have ample RAM to do this with.

    When using GPO, I normally use the player anyway since I have ample RAM in which to run it. I am mainly looking for updates to the player to accomodate GPO.

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    Re: Kontakt 2 and GPO

    I noted an increase in CPU of about 10-20% during heavy playback in Kontakt 2 loaded with GPO as opposed to the Kontakt Player w/ the same instruments. However, idle CPU usage was the same. I don't think it's a big deal.

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    Re: Kontakt 2 and GPO

    Just curious if you have tried tweaking the DFD settings. Actually a 10% increase in CPU load while using DFD is not really that shocking.

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    Re: Kontakt 2 and GPO

    Well, from what Ive noticed, no significant change performance wise...

    Work'd great!

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: Kontakt 2 and GPO

    This GUI looks so much better than the Kontakt Player.

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    Re: Kontakt 2 and GPO

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Burrell
    I wondered about hyperthreading. Oh well. Maybe when I can afford a dual Xeon PC I'll be all set.
    Running a Dual Opteron here so I am kind of keen to see what kind performance I can get.

    I have heard mixed reviews as far as performance hits go. Some are saying worse, some are saying better. I guess I will have to wait and see as there does not seem to be any definitive answer yet.

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