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Topic: Favor request of those outside the United States

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    Favor request of those outside the United States

    If you live outside of the United States, I have a huge favor to ask.

    I wrote all the music for a show called "Maximum Exposure." It started airing in Fall 2000 and has been really nice for me in ASCAP royalties. But I have yet to collect a dime in foreign royalties, even though Paramount told me they sold the heck out of the show internationally.

    After trying to get ASCAP to look into this for me (for two years!), they're finally getting back to me to tell me the various foreign societies are saying the show has never aired, but if I can give specific stations/networks and dates, it may help change their tune.

    Paramount gave me a list of foreign territories (but not specific stations) the show was definitely sold in. It includes virtually ALL countries in the world. So something's not adding up!

    The show is still airing strong here in reruns, but I don't know if that's the case internationally.

    From here, I have two options:

    1. Try harder to get Paramount to take care of this. The problem with this is I would have to go over the heads of the incompetent contacts I already have there. Feathers would definitely get ruffled. But eventually, I may have to do this.

    2. Find out on my own when and where (if at all) Maximum Exposure has aired outside the United States. That's where I'm asking anyone who can check some TV listings if they would help me out and see if you can find any airings of Maximum Exposure (sometimes called MaxEx).

    The show (I'll describe it in case you've seen it, but didn't remember the title) is an hour long collection of home video clips of mostly guys getting hurt in funny ways (moron trying to jump a swimming pool on his bike, for instance), stupid criminals, car chases, etc. It's basically guy stuff (my wife hates it) and the narrator has a wisecracking, surfer-dude style.

    By the way, I suspect I will have the same problem with another show called "Unexplained Mysteries" (different from UnSOLVED Mysteries) which started airing in Fall 2003. Same bunch of Paramount bozos, but too early for me to inquire at ASCAP. So if you could also take a peek for that show, I'd appreciate it.

    I greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer here!

    And if anyone can find a way to check BACK listings (to Fall 2000 or thereabouts) for any markets outside the U.S., that would be ultra cool. I will gladly pay for this kind of research. Email me and we can work something out.

    Thanks very much for any help!

    - Mike Greene

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    Re: Favor request of those outside the United States

    A quick google (UK TV "Maximum Exposure") shows that it aired in the UK on Bravo in 2002


    ...or at least "maximum exposure 2" did - but it sounds like the same show...

    ..so it definitely played somewhere

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    Re: Favor request of those outside the United States

    I'll give a director friend of mine in France a buzz and see if he knows anything. That has got to be frustrating. Glad I don't have to worry about International royalties

    James W.G. Smith

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    Re: Favor request of those outside the United States

    Chris, you're a better Googler than I am! I get nothing but a mess or else blanks when I try stuff like that. But you did indeed find a winner because that's the MaxEx I know and love! Why they called it Maximum Exposure 2, I have no idea. Thank you very much for that! That's exactly what I need!

    James, I appreciate you making a contact for me! It is indeed frustrating trying to track this stuff down! Especially when Paramount drags their feet the whole way . . . and they get half the royalties!!!

    - Mike Greene

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    Re: Favor request of those outside the United States

    If it's any help to you, it aired here in the Netherlands (Holland) for a while on the commercial station "Veronica", which might've been named "V8" at that time. They probably re-runned it once late-night as well. I haven't seen the other title in national tv-listings.

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    Re: Favor request of those outside the United States

    Thanks Herman! That definitely is a help, especially with the station name!

    - Mike Greene

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    Re: Favor request of those outside the United States

    Hi Mike, do you know if the show ran under any other titles? We had a show, very similiar to what you are describing air called something like "stupidest criminals"

    It also showed some Jerry Springer candidates doing their own home reno's and almost knocking a roof down on their heads!

    It definetely sounds like your show, it aired here in Aus sometime in the last 6 months.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: Favor request of those outside the United States

    Scott, there was a show actually called "America's Stupidest Criminals," which is probably what you're thinking of. MaxEx devoted a few episodes to the topic, but was a different show. The most common topic for MaxEx would be guys getting hurt. And mullets!

    - Mike Greene

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    Re: Favor request of those outside the United States

    Hey Mike, well we definetely had a show with lots of rednecks hurting themselves!!

    I think one guy used to blow himself up or out of something... the home reno guys were my favs, they'd video themselves taking to a house with sledgehammers.. completey reckless, nearly hit each other in the head with the hammers as I recall...

    It wasnt called max exposure, but it sure sounds like your show.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: Favor request of those outside the United States

    I have written music for a lot of shows that are played internationally and I have a bugger of a time trying to get oversees royalties. Often they aren't reported but even when they are it takes years to get them. Every now and then I'll get a decent cheque but mostly it is a frustrating wait.

    But there is hope. Ask ASCAP about people who track down your royalties for a fee. I remember a buddy of mine got a "headhunter" who tracked down about $25,000.00 of overseas money. The headhunter (they actually had a title but I can't remember it) took a percentage, but it is better than waiting for an eternity for money on shows that aren't even being reported.

    Another thing to do is to get in touch with the individual broadcastors. They'd know, as would the licensing dept of the original production company who would have detailed records of who has the right to broadcast the shows. I now let the producers in on a share of the royalties and they in turn pursue these matters with diligence.

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