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Topic: How low can you go? (with pc power that is)

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    How low can you go? (with pc power that is)

    How 'low' can you go with processor power and ram before it becomes a question of diminishing returns? I have an older system here (Duron 800mhz with 256mb of ram - could upgrade cheaply enough to 512mb though) that I could network for giga purposes, but should I even bother? Will such a slow system actually add more problems to my setup rather than benefit me with being able to load more samples?

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    Re: How low can you go? (with pc power that is)

    If you're talking Giga 2.5, upgrade the RAM and go for it. If you're talking Giga 3, forget it.

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    Re: How low can you go? (with pc power that is)

    You can still use GS3, but forget using GPulse, the parametric EQ and lots of other cool features.


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    Re: How low can you go? (with pc power that is)

    Thank you both for your input.
    I am still going to build a second new system, but I can now consider 'recycling' this older one that has just been sitting around.. an extra half gig of ram is still a half gig of ram.

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    Re: How low can you go? (with pc power that is)

    Bringing this topic up again..
    Did a little research today into that old 800mhz system, and realized that the motherboard will in fact support 1.5 gigs of ram which, at least in terms of ram, will bring the performance up to almost current standards.
    Is anyone actually still using a system with this speed CPU in their Giga network? Will 800mhz be sufficient strength to make full use of the 1.5gigs of ram? Based on what I see in my main system, I would assume yes (without Gigapulse and such of course - but the basic NFX reverb is enough for me when working in real time, and that is fairly light) but would like to hear if anyone else is doing this.
    My main concern is being able to load up samples right up to the ram limit without having the system display odd behaviour - heck, my main system has 1.5gigs of ram anyhow.

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    Re: How low can you go? (with pc power that is)

    Your system should work pretty well for you. The usage of RAM isn't affected by the processor speed.

    Now that I think about it, I think GS3 takes a bigger CPU hit than GS2.5 for a given amount of polyphony. This may be due to GS3's lightweight, lossless compression. It's really nice, because you can load more samples, and they load more quickly, but it would add to the load on your CPU. It's light enough that it's not an issue on current systems.

    GS2.5 is probably best on your system. When you get a faster CPU, you will want GS3 though...


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    Re: How low can you go? (with pc power that is)

    An 800 mhz processor is going to be OK for Giga 2.5 as mentioned, but it is really on the slow side.

    Does the motherboard you're using have any capacity for a processor upgrade? If you could get it up to, say, an XP 2400, you could run Giga 3.0 with very little in the way of convolution.

    To give you a comparison, my XP 3000 machines are just really barely fast enough to run GS-3 with a couple of instances of convolution. Any more than that, and I start to lose polyphony performance.

    All that said, I made a lot of money on GigaStudio 2.5, and the work all still sounds very good. I would certainly recommend making use of any resources you have.

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    Re: How low can you go? (with pc power that is)

    Thanks for the input Jon and Bruce!
    I guess I can run Giga 2.5 on this system, and it will still be worthwhile to have it up and running - obviously better than having it just gather dust when there is still a little life to be had from it!
    Unfortuneatly this motherboard will stand for very little in the way of upgrades.. I believe it's cap is at about 1ghz, which isn't all that much more (though nowadays with a little searching I could probably find a MB and 2.4ghz cpu for about $100 which would change quite a few things indeed)

    Are the CPU demands of GS3 really that much greater, even without using convolution? I am keen on using GS3 because of its significantly improved efficiency in ram usage - you can really get an impressive amount loaded into 1.5 gigs.

    Thanks again!

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