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Topic: Need help on percussion/drum and "edgy" libraries

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    Need help on percussion/drum and "edgy" libraries

    It's not set in stone yet, but it looks like I'm landing a documentary TV show (full season), which deals with many elements of military, technology, etc. I immediately knew what type of sound I would be wanting. The director then suggested the same terms. My problem is, the samples I currently have cater to orchestra mostly. I have been looking for some fresh, cutting edge drum samples/loops that can give a certain punch. I'm mainly thinking "electronica", but acoustic samples would be great too.

    Some examples would be Crystal Method or a similar sound to John Powell's Bourne Identity score. Keep in mind, I would also like to be able to program my own loops and sounds from scratch. I am a percussionist and drummer at heart (over 10 years), and this is an area I'm nitpicky in. I don't like being limited to JUST loops necessarily. I'm also trying to keep a budget fairly light if possible. I haven't even negotiated pricing for this project yet, but I still keep it in mind.

    Again, I'm looking for a fresh sound.

    Sample libraries I've checked out and considered:

    Percussive Adventures 2

    I'm also looking for any other hot instruments like synth beds, leads, bass, edgy guitars, etc. Hardcore stuff. Any recommendations would be most helpful!

    Jared Hudson

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    Re: Need help on percussion/drum and "edgy" libraries

    Stylus RMX might be another one to consider.
    Dane Hawkes DiAnda
    C. I. Studios

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    Re: Need help on percussion/drum and "edgy" libraries

    Hi Jared,

    I haven't been too crazy about Perc Adv 2. But you MUST MUST MUST buy Stormdrum. I think it's the single best purchase I've ever made, using it in the same type of scoring that you're talking about. It's exactly that Bourne Supremacy-type of sound. If you watch "24" that composer uses it a lot too, in conjunction with the original Percussive Adventures library. That's definitely another one to pick up. And if you're an ASCAP writer, there's a 30% discount on right now at soundsonline.com -- just use the code SUCCESS when you check out.

    Good luck with the gig!

    Kerry Muzzey

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    Re: Need help on percussion/drum and "edgy" libraries

    Agreed. Stormdrum has both acoustic and electronic drums, and a wide variety. Plus you will have both playable samples and loops.


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    Re: Need help on percussion/drum and "edgy" libraries

    I think Stromdrums is my new favorite Samplelib. It is incredibly beautiful. But if you are looking for electronic, modern percussion, you sure should go Stylus RMX, IMHO, which is absolutly awsome for this style. Stromdrums is rather for the "ethnical" touch, I'd say. In addition the programming or changing of the loops in RMX is extremly easy -- you have indeed the midifiles in your arrangment.

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    Re: Need help on percussion/drum and "edgy" libraries

    A lot of the Bourne Identity/Supremacy stuff is coming from the loops on Heart of Africa and Stylus RMX.

    24 is filled wall to wall with Stylus RMX, Metamorphosis, Distorted Reality, Bizarre Guitar, SOV, Atmosphere and Trilogy.

    It's like a weekly Spectrasonics demo :-)

    Both are great examples of really creative ways to use our libraries and virtual instruments.


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