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Topic: Never had this before but.....

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    Question Never had this before but.....

    I load an instance of GPO in Cubase SX 1.06. Load up like Vlns 1,2 Vlas 1 Cellos 1, Basses, all KS programs. Then I record a melody with Vlns for instance. Then I hit the << Locate button on my Tascam US-428, which I've used longer than GPO itself. When I het this locate button, it turns the length parameter to "0" on the kontact player for that instrument. I tried recording an automation move to compensate but no luck. If I play my track and set it back as it starts playing, I am fine but there must be a way to undo this midi control signal that is doing this. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Never had this before but.....

    Are you sure the Tascam isn't sending an "all controllers to zero" message when you hit "locate?" It may be on by default. Check your owner's manual to see if this type of function is available for editing in one of the Tascam menus.


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