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Topic: Alberto Rizzo Schettino honoured with OUTSTANDING STUDENT AWARD

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    Alberto Rizzo Schettino honoured with OUTSTANDING STUDENT AWARD

    On the 18th of March Alberto Rizzo Schettino graduated at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles where he received the highest award of all. It is with extraordinary excitement and happiness for his achievement that I send Alberto my most sincere regards and wishes.
    Alberto is blessed with an extraordinary talent, he plays piano, keyboards and composes several styles of music. Alberto is an official PMI piano library endorser since 2002.
    This award is a crown jewel on his young and promising career.
    Please visit Alberto's website www.albertors.com for media clips and sign his guest book!

    "I was awarded with MI's Oustanding Student Award for Keyboards! It still feels weird and electric to think about this. It's a great satisfaction to have received the highest award in Musicians Institute and I definitely have to thank my family, past and present instructors and friends for all the trust and support in these years. It's been quite a journey!" Alberto Rizzo Sc.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Alberto Rizzo Schettino honoured with OUTSTANDING STUDENT AWARD

    Hey Michiel, thanks for sharing this news with us --and congratulations to Alberto!

    I haven't seen a post from him in a long while, so I was wondering what happened. I really like the pieces he posted using the PMI Bosendorfer. Really good stuf f. I'll check out his website.

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