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Topic: Another FREE DEMO impulse response set (concert hall)

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    Smile Another FREE Samplicity impulse response set (concert hall)

    Hello all!

    Here is another free teaser IR set, from the Samplicity Vol. 1 Reverbs IR Library:


    This is a Concert Hall type ambience.

    Avaliable file formats: WAVE, AIFF and ALTIVERB (SD2), in 44.1 and 48 Khz. The Altiverb version uses the 48 Khz IR's.

    For best results, use a stereo-to-stereo convolver, with the "L" and "R" impulse responses. Otherwise (for mono-to-stereo convolvers, like SIR and Acoustic Mirror) use the "C" impulse response.

    And don't forget the read the quotes on the Samplicity Home page!


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    Re: Another FREE DEMO impulse response set (concert hall)

    Here's some news on the Altiverb version of this free IR set:

    I have received an email reporting a problem with the Altiverb .R.2 file of this set. Until I have figured out what the problem is, I have disabled the Altiverb version download. As a PC man, I can't fix this myself straight away, I have to delegate this to friends with a Mac

    Thanks for the big number of downloads!

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    Re: Another FREE DEMO impulse response set (concert hall)


    Short update: there was a mixup in the Zip files. The Wave 48 Khz format Zip file held AIFF files, instead of WAVE files. This is now fixed.

    I haven't had time to look at a reported problem with 1 SD2 file in a SIT compressed file.

    Been away from forums and computers for quite a while - I hope to be back more often soon. And thanks for the many downloads and private messages!

    If you have any questions on these demos and the full IR library, please email me (peter at peterroos.com).

    Best regards,


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    Re: Another FREE DEMO impulse response set (concert hall)


    Firstly, thanks for the demos, but you should check Large Hall 3. Wave 44.1 khz because the zip contains aiff files, not wavs.

    I'm looking forward to trying the wavs when they're up.

    Luck with it

    EDIT Oops! I see you're already on to it. I'll retry later. Cheers.

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    Re: Another FREE DEMO impulse response set (concert hall)

    Yep, as we were speaking. Incredibly stupid mistakes by myself.

    Especially weird, because there have been > 100 downloads from the several formats and I actually got only 1 PM about it last week.

    Rest assured that when I made the IR's I was in a mentally more healthy state


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    Re: Another FREE DEMO impulse response set (concert hall)

    Hi Peter,

    I tried your two demo Samplicity Reverb Impulses set with Pristine Space in Cubase SX, as I am interested in True Stereo and Surround Impulses,
    but I feel a bit irritated as I dont really hear any left or right effect with them.

    Until now I always understood True Stereo as having two Stereo Impulses where the left one would sound as if the reverb would mostly come from left and where the right one would sound as as if a signal would mostly come from right.
    I use some surround impulses founded on Noisevault and that is the way they sound.
    (For example the IR from the "1200seat modern concert room")
    But using your demo Impulses, it seems as if the reverb would always come from the center.
    Also, loading your impulses in an Audio Editor, they sound centered.
    So further (using your Impulse set in Pristine Space in the True Stereo preset) even when panning the source right or left, the reverb stays centered because both impulses seem to be centered.

    Do I miss something?

    BTW will you make the Lexicon 960 Impulses?
    I personally would prefer it to the TC device ;-)

    Best regards


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    Re: Another FREE DEMO impulse response set (concert hall)



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