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Topic: upgrading from Kontakt 1.5.3 to Kontakt 2?

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    Unhappy upgrading from Kontakt 1.5.3 to Kontakt 2?

    Hi Guys,

    I have the following issue.

    I run nuendo 2.0 and have alot of projects which use Kontakt 1.5.3 software, since i received Kontakt 2, i un-installed Kontakt 1.5.3 so i can upgrade all my projects.

    However, when i now load up a project which i used Kontakt 1.5.3 on, it does not open the project and use Kontakt 2 as the default.

    Am i right to assume, i will have to 're-open' every project in the kontakt, load the instruments in konakt 2 and re-assign all the channels again for use?

    Can someone confirm this with me or advise me how to make sure kontakt 2 opens up kontakt 1 project in a sequencer.


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    Re: upgrading from Kontakt 1.5.3 to Kontakt 2?

    I think the idea was to NOT un-installed Kontakt 1.5.3, to avoid this problem.

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    Re: upgrading from Kontakt 1.5.3 to Kontakt 2?


    The reason is probably because of the following:

    Your Kontakt 1.5.3 version had a .dll file in the VST plug-ins folder named "Kontakt.dll". The new Kontakt 2 version, (more than likely) has probably installed itself with name "Kontakt2.dll" in the plug-ins folder.

    Your songs that were saved in Nuendo with version 1.5.3 were obviously saved with the "Kontakt.dll" plug-in name (which is now not there) and are looking for that when you launch them now.

    If the Kontakt 2 install DID name the .dll file "Kontakt2.dll" (I'm assuming), then perhaps you could re-name the version 2 dll file to just Kontakt.dll. Then Nuendo would find it and hopefully launch the song into the new version 2 that you have.

    A safer bet, though would be to either have left 1.5.3 installed and/or "re-load" your samples into Kontakt 2 after launching these songs and then re-save, thus not tampering with the name of the .dll file.

    Hope this helps,

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