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Topic: Legato broken with K2?

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    Legato broken with K2?

    For one the pedal options are per instrument option now, but none of the 3 settings availible work probably.

    Pedal + CC = notes are stuck and sound out of tune
    Pedal without controller = Same
    Pedal Only = Sounds out of tune like portamento is slightly applied

    The GPO player & K1.5 work as intended however.
    The Portamento controller seems to be busted completely

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    Re: Legato broken with K2?


    Correct. I ran into this night before last. K2 is not handling cc20 data properly at a value of "0" (the default, of course.) My tests showed that placing cc20 data in a track at any value above zero (1 to 127) worked fine - just the zero value that doesn't work. I'm sure NI will address this soon. Until then it is possible to edit the instrument text files to change the default load value of cc20 to a low number (like "1") that will not cause noticeable portamento but should solve the problem - in theory, I haven't tried it yet. The text files contain the names of the player controller knobs in the first 5 lines and values for those knobs in the following 5 lines. The first value line (line 6) is the one you would want to change. Don't forget to save the text file after you have made the change.


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    Re: Legato broken with K2?

    I gotcha!
    I ended up setting the minimum value of my Dashboards portamento automation to 1 and all is well now thanks.

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