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Topic: Solo Stradivari Violin Update

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    Solo Stradivari Violin Update

    The thing that seems to be bringing the most attention at Musikmesse is the Solo Stradivari Violin. Stefano gave virtuoso performances and is a real master - a virtual Itzak Perlman. Many people stood and watched in awe as different string techniques were being played effortlessly in real-time.

    In the sampling world those unaccustomed to way a stringed instrument is played mistakenly think that articulations are discrete sounds - like samples themselves - and that a violinist calls up certain articulations from the instrument. In the real world, string players know that articulation markings are continuous instructions on how to play the instrument. This virtual Stradivari instrument plays almost like the real thing. You can play string techniques on-the-fly. Each note in a phrase can be a different - marcato, followed by portato, followed by staccato, then sforzando, etc. etc. I believe this is going to change how virtual orchestrators approach an instrument.

    Since the last video demo more improvements were made and the instrument is even better. Giorgio has been very busy putting the finishing touches. More playable techniques and functions were added. The extra wait will be worth it.

    Gary Garritan

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    Talking Re: Solo Stradivari Violin Update

    I'm extremely excited! Can't wait!

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    Smile Re: Solo Stradivari Violin Update

    Hi Gary,
    I hope that june comes really fast because I can't wait for this library.
    Bets of luck for the remaining days.
    Say hallo to my compatriots!!
    and best of luck for all the MusikMesse!!!



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    Re: Solo Stradivari Violin Update

    My grubby little hands await the power and beauty of your collective achievement...it's an unending joy to see such committment to excellence.

    Cudos and cream pies!

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    Re: Solo Stradivari Violin Update

    Sounds great (I type as I drool on my keyboard...)

    Can't wait until June. And someday, I'm sure, for the string quartet version...
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Solo Stradivari Violin Update

    June is not really that very far away. Congratulations, Gary... it sounds like the Solo Stradivari Violin is going to be quite a milestone.

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    Re: Solo Stradivari Violin Update

    Good deal. I've been waiting for more info and demos. But the more you give the more I want the actually product... oh well. I'm sure it's gonna be worth the wait.

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    Re: Solo Stradivari Violin Update

    Very exciting!
    Please don't forget those of us who compose with notation programs such as Finale when making up all the programs.

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    Thumbs up Re: Solo Stradivari Violin Update

    So where's the cream filling?
    God Gary, you really are going to give me a heart attack! Solo violin. Man, let's see, youth theatre ends first week in May. So, I have to save every paycheck for June. 1. Solo Violin 2. Jazz Orchestra Library 3. This new fangle Space whatever it is. That has to be at least four weeks worth of woik. Oh, yeah, I forgot ... I'll have to buy another Tower with more Power. Hey, I made a funny! Get it? Tower ... Power? Tower of Power? Eh, I know ... what a maroone!

    One word -- Hury!

    I can hear it now ... the demo page will be swamped with Solo Violin Demos and Jazz Demos! Well, not me buster I've had it! I'm going to join the Buffalo Philharmonic and play a real violin! Yup, just you wait and see! Me and the Beeffalo Philharmonium Players will conquer the world with our violinsk!
    Ah heck ... I'm too excited.

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    Smile Re: Solo Stradivari Violin Update

    Good to hear the news, Gary. I bet the violin is the highlight, it is a product that many have tried to deliver on and not yet succeeded. Based on the video you all have nailed it. I am really looking forward to June!

    We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams …
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