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Topic: Re: Headphones

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    Re: Headphones

    I am a total believer in Sony MDR-7506's. Around $100 USD. Parts are easy to get, so they last literally forever. I have several pairs. The only things that wear out on them are earpads. I order them a box at a time. Cable, connectors, and overall construction is nice. They have aluminum bodies, and they fold into a nice little carrying pouch. MDR-7506's are ubiquitous in studios, you find them everywhere. They are more efficient than AKGs, the other go-to choice. I can run four sets of MDR-7506's on each of my two headphone channels with tons of headroom to spare. That many AKG's would suck down the power grid in my whole neighborhood. Well, not really, but they are significantly less efficient and want a very beefy signal. Although quite nice sounding.

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    Re: Headphones

    I love the Sonys as well, all the way back to when they were MDR-V6, then MDR-V600 and now MDR-V7506. Bruce, where the heck do get replacement earpads?!? I tried Sony Service and got nowhere!

    - Mike Greene

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    Question Re: Headphones

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce A. Richardson
    I am a total believer in Sony MDR-7506's. Around $100 USD...
    Yeah, what he said.

    I too would like to know where to get earpad parts.
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    Re: Headphones

    Quote Originally Posted by cand
    So what is everyone using for headphones to monitor vocals for about $300 AUD.
    Was looking at the Sennheiser range, but have just been informed they are a bit heavy on the bass end.
    That's not a bad thing actually. "Heavy on bass" means your mix won't overdo the bass. Some headphones do not let you in on the bass and that's when you'll be turning the bass up. But could it be that you might' ve been misinformed about Sennheiser? To my knowledge Sennheiser has always been very balanced and neutral. Are you sure it wasn't Beyerdynamic?
    Anyway, my best advise is "Try before you buy". Don't trust us, or any enthusiastic reviews on the net! Many think the Sony-7506 has too much treble and is lacking in bass. That said, try to audition Philips SBC HP890. When it comes to mixing, they beat my much more expensive and "balanced" Senheisers. In fact, I don't use anything else anymore. Go try them too!


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    Re: Headphones

    And does anyone know good wireless headphone? (because, I don't know why, but as soon as there is a cable on the floor, it's for my feet...)

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    Re: Headphones

    Sennheiser heavy on bass? Don't think so, unless you are talking about a very cheap model. HD650 is for many considered THE headphones.
    You probably can't get that for $300 though, but look for HD580/590/600.

    If you wanna look into it further this website www.audioreview.com has a load of reviews of tons of headphones.
    www.headphone.com is quite good as well.

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    Re: Headphones

    I would check the following:

    Sennheiser HD580 , 600 or 650

    AKG K240DF

    Beyer DT 770


    STAX SR007 Omega MK2

    All very good.

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    Re: Headphones

    You could wear sony on your ears for 3 days and forget they're on your head- until you get hit by a road train because they're SO comfortable! and sonically comfortable as well.

    I monitor with Sony and record with Fostex (when i'm the one behind the mic).
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    Re: Headphones

    I'm using the Audiotechnica ATH-m40 and they are as flat as a ballarina's chest . They are not such a pleasure to listen to music with, but their flat responce really helps mixing in honesty
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