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Topic: Atmosphere .dat file moved

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    Atmosphere .dat file moved

    Hello out there,
    i use atmosphere as a vst instrument in cubase sx on PC, it all was well just until i moved the .dat file to another drive, now atmosphere can't find the library anymore. Does anyone know a way around it except installing again? (It takes so much time) There don't seem to be any normal options or settings that you can access for that. Also I can't move the file back to where it was, cause i use a new drive.
    I would appreciate some help. Thanks!

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    Re: Atmosphere .dat file moved

    Hello. There is a program called spectramove in the official website for registered users. With it, you can move the .dat files of stylus, trilogy and atmosphere.
    Eduardo Tarilonte |Sample Library Developer
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    Re: Atmosphere .dat file moved

    Thanks! That should do it.

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