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Topic: Too many outputs!!

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    Post Too many outputs!!

    Hello, fellow GPO'ers!

    Well... this is my first post to the forum. Technically I haven't been a part of the community at all until this very moment, but I've been lurking and learning for ages. I've been a member of innumerous Internet-based organizations, fellowships, philosophical circles, webmastering rings, etc etc etc - anyway, the point is that I have seen literally hundreds of otherwise excellent, well-minded, and generally brilliant communities over the years devolve into mindless battles, personal feuds, and ideological clashings, leaving these places irrevocably broken and hostile. This does not appear to be the case here, which frankly astounds me. Kudos to those who have striven to foster a haven instead of a hellhole!

    Okay. On to my problem. Now the last thing I wanted to do here as my first post was complain... so don't consider this a complaint! It's more of a fault of my sequencer than GPO. But maybe GPO can fix it.

    I'm using Acid to compose this piece... usually I use Sonar or Orion, which have no such difficulties as those I am about to describe... but I wanted to test Acid's capabilities in regards to handling a multi-timbral VSTi like GPO. It does marvelously... not as smoothly as Sonar, but much more intuitively than Orion... but... and herein lies my dilemma... every instance of GPO creates a main stereo pair and then those additional seven "KPlPO" busses... which count as soft synths as far as Acid's mixer is concerned. And I can't delete these additional stereo routings without trashing the whole VSTi.

    The issue is, these fiendish extra routings are not receiving any signal... maybe they can be enabled to... but my point is they're not, just the main 1/2 pair is, which is fine for what I'm doing, and I really wish to get rid of the seven extra pairs since I'm not using them. You see, Acid has a 32 soft synth limit... and each GPO instance creates 8 sub-synths, which means I can only open 4 instances of GPO before the maximum has been reached. And that's not enough instances!!

    Is there a way to keep GPO from opening up those extra stereo pairs... I don't need them, I don't use them (maybe in the future, but for now I want to disable them)...?

    My workaround sucks... but I basically just start a new Acid project, load up the necessary instruments, and then compose in GPO against a rendered WAV of the rest of the piece from the other files... it works fine, but it's a hassle.

    Thanks for any advice. GPO's so simple to use, I'm sure I would have discovered the solution by now. So my feeling is that these additional routings cannot be disabled. Which is okay. I'll finish the piece, and then maybe post it and try to give something back to the community to which I've only been a nameless ghost until now, when I became a whiner.


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    Re: Too many outputs!!

    each example of gpo contains eight instrument slots and the extra outputs can be assigned to each of these. in the main display window you can see the numbers 1/2 after you have loaded an instrument slot, this is the stereo output channell assigned to this slot. if you click on this you will get a dropdown menu with the numbers 1/2 to 15/16 you can assign any of these to channells to any instrument slot, it is handy if you want to add different processes to individual instruments. you can of course send all the instruments on channell 1/2 but there is no way of disabling those other outputs in gpo. if you have four examples of gpo open and each instrument slot is active then you are in effect using thirty two different instruments even if you have routed them to only four outputs.
    personally i would have thought that if it works better in sonar then stick with sonar, but i have never used acid so i don't know much about the program.

    anyway hope this answers your question. oh and welcome to the forum look forward to hearing your first piece.

    slán leat agus níl a bhuíochas ort

    mick ó c

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    Re: Too many outputs!!

    I can tell you that not many in this forum use Acid for total midi production. Are you using Acid 5.0 or 4.0? I have both so maybe we can work this thing through together if no on else has an answer.
    Personally, after a week of messing with Acid 5.0 using GPO I decided to use Acid for mixdowns only and maybe adding if needed an instrument. I would stick with Sonar. Maybe someday Sony will get mid to the level of other DAW.

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    Re: Too many outputs!!

    There is no way to specify or limit the number of output pairs in the player. It is up to the host program to interpret the outputs efficiently - apparently Acid does not. Perhaps Sony will modify Acid in the future to handle things in a way that avoids Acid resource limits.


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