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Topic: Who wants to be considered a Master?

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    Who wants to be considered a Master?

    Who wants to be remembered as being a Master of music like Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven? Is that a selfish dream, or a healthy dream that can help you be the best you can be? Do you want the world to know and love what you compose, or are you perfectly content with it pleasing only you (and if it pleases others, that is just a plus)? Do you think that was ever Mozart's or Beethoven's goal, or did they just compose because they enjoyed it?

    "Lord, make me a great composer. Let me celebrate your glory through music . . . and be celebrating myself."
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Who wants to be considered a Master?


    Modesty has never suited our profession well.

    I must say that lumping with Beethoven is a dangerous thing. He was the Master's master. I don't see why I can't, with hard work and study, someday get in the old Grove's Dictionary.

    Brahms said that if one wants to be a Master, then do what the masters did. It really is simple, until you see the work and sweat they had to do. Beethoven was very put off when people said the reason his stuff was so good was because of "talent". He said he had to work very hard to achieve what he did and spent many hours on passages to get them just right. Same with everyone from Bach to Ligeti.

    I also intend to study with many different composers in my quest for a doctorate. Then when I get my doctorate I will continue to study scores and compose. Whether history remembers me as a master will be inconsequential because I will have come as close as I can to mastering my art. (Not even Beethoven truly mastered it because then everyone would like it at some level)

    Now... let's see some good composer egos. I think we even beat Horn players and Conductors.
    Jess Hendricks
    DMA Student and Teaching Asst in Music Theory/ Composition at the University of Miami
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    Re: Who wants to be considered a Master?

    Hi Sean,

    These almost sound like a trick questions Don't we all want to be remembered for something? That we actually made a difference somehow? Maybe I'm a little too egotistical, but I think it would be great to be remembered as one of the Masters. It's something to strive for (even though it's probably out of reach). I compose because I need to - I feel that it's why I'm here. If I'm remembered as being great that's a bonus - otherwise I'll have the satisfaction of knowing that I tried my best.

    p.s. - by the time that it's determined that I was a Master, I'll be dead, so it won't matter to me at all.

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    Re: Who wants to be considered a Master?

    Woa, on first glance I though you asked something else!
    A Master? Hmmm, let's see ... can't be one here ... maybe ... no ... how about ... no not that one ... Hey, my wifes the Master around here!
    But seriously folksk! I yams what I yams uck kuk uk kuk kuk! Hey Olives! Bringsme a can of spinachsk!

    The answer to your question is ... yes! I want to be remembered as the one and only Master of all time. Problem is, there are way too many of you that fit the bill!
    The answer to your question is ... No! I just need to be me and do it my way. So, without further adu ... And now ... the end is near ... and I must face ... the solo violin.
    Ah man, I need to find my brain soon. I took the dang thing for a walk a few years ago but lost it trying to carry it in a teaspoon. Should have used a tablespoon. May have sloshed around a bit but at least I would still have it. Replacements don't come easy. Why, the other day I sent one of the kids out to get me a brani dna eh brought kbac something taht read, "Abbi" something or other?

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    Re: Who wants to be considered a Master?

    It is enough for me to help other people on their way to mastery. If I've provided some inspiration, knowledge, or tool that gets them closer to their goal, then I've served my purpose on this Earth.

    - m
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    Re: Who wants to be considered a Master?

    Who wants to be considered a Master? Doesn't everyone?

    Of course in my case it is highly improbable. I've started taking music seriously pretty late in life (Mozart was dead at my age - wait, that didn't sound right ) and my music is obviously not the best loved here on the GPO forum. But with a lot of hard work and a dream, who knows? Hopefully I still have as many composing years ahead of me as poor Mozart had all together.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Who wants to be considered a Master?

    Quote Originally Posted by SeanHannifin
    Who wants to be remembered as being a Master of music like Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven?
    Hey, that'd be neato-keen, I guess; but frankly, as a composer, if I manage to leave behind even a half dozen pieces that survive time and genuinely contribute to the literature? I'd call that a highly successful career.


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    Re: Who wants to be considered a Master?

    Quote Originally Posted by SeanHannifin
    Who wants to be remembered as being a Master of music
    Well,lets see,I am now 48 years old,when I was an 18 year old composer my ambition was to be remembered as a towering genius of music,In my 20's I was a rock musician(1980's),and my definition of success was massive wealth,mansions,blah,blah........
    My definition of success has considerably downsized since then,this maybe due to a belated outbreak of realism,a dawning realisation that perhaps I am not cut from the same cloth as Mozart,and an awareness that us composers are justly known for being ego-monsters,filled with a sense of our own unique destiny.The problem is the somewhat chaotic,random,and capricious universe
    may not give a fig for our grandiose self-assessment,and refuse to play ball.
    I personally would be happy to remembered at all,in fact I would be pathetcally grateful if posterity spelled my name right
    This topic reminds me of a conversation I often have with a composer friend of mine,on what we like to call "The Poulenc Question".
    I ask you, what do you wish you had written?.......
    "Weberns 5 Orchestral Pieces",utterly unique,groundbreaking,"music will never be the same again",studied by every serious student of modern music,blah blah
    "Poulencs Flute Sonata",a rather light whimsical work,breaking no new ground,starting no new revolutions in music,mainly known for its charm.

    Now I dont want this to influence your decision in any way,but the Webern is not played too often these days,and apart from a few die-hard fans,99% of the audience have to fight off the desire to put their fingers in their ears.
    The Poulenc is played by EVERYBODY more or less constantly,and is cheered to the echo at every performance.
    I think it will be pretty hard in this day and age,for any aspiring composer to have the impact on music of a Mozart or a Beethoven.Music as a commodity is not valued as highly today,it is now everywhere freely available,and this has somewaht diluted the status of the composer.
    However,I hope that someone will prove me wrong

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    Re: Who wants to be considered a Master?

    Quote Originally Posted by jesshmusic
    Modesty has never suited our profession well.
    Is that why you say you disagree with Messiaen's notation of "Les Offrandes Oubliees" but nevertheless cannot offer a better solution?

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    Re: Who wants to be considered a Master?

    I just want to be thought of as a goodern.

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