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Topic: Repedaling in the Emperor

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    Repedaling in the Emperor

    Below, I am referring to the 12+12+2 full patches in Gigastudio 3:

    I've been enjoying the fact that in the Old Lady you can play a chord with the sustain pedal down, release the notes, and then pump the sustain pedal. Each time you pump, the chord gets softer and softer.

    I just got the Emperor today, and when I do the exact same test, the sound abruptly cuts out as soon as the sustain pedal goes below the 64 mark, no matter how fast I pump the pedal. This means that if I have a lot of notes being sustained and the pedal breaches the half-way point even for an instant, I loose all the notes. Thus, it is useless for playing live.

    How can I make the Emperor's sustain pedal behave like the Old Lady's?

    (I can make an mp3 demo if you don't know what i'm talking about)


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    Re: Repedaling in the Emperor

    Yes, found the problem! Right click on the instrument in the editor, hit properties, then check Piano Release Mode. How this was overlooked in the Emperor I have no idea.
    Also, even with the latest update, with 5 minutes of playing, I noticed several major delays in the samples due to incorrect sample start points (the really buggy one is middle-D with the pedal down and the lower velocity layers).
    In fact, there is so much silence at the beginning of some of these samples that the Sample Offset setting in the editor can't go big enough to overcome the silence gap, so I had to manually edit the wav files to trim the silence.
    Both Old Lady and Emperor sound good (well, minus the double strikes, but this isnt "too" big of a deal), but the amount of basic manual adjustments needed just to get these pianos to a playable state is unbelievable. I can see these pianos were definitely not intended to be played live on a midi keyboard.

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